5 Reasons You Should Be Watching ‘Very Cavallari’

I admit, I loved Laguna Beach. The reason? Sure, Lauren Conrad was great but Kristin Cavalarri was goals. Her take no prisoners, no nonsense, tell it like attitude has always been something that I have admired.

The woman has grown way past her time on Laguna Beach and The Hills. Now she stars in Very Cavallari with her husband, which follows her life in Tennessee and the growth of her brand, Uncommon James. It’s pretty damn addicting.



And she’s still the same fierce woman that she’s always been. Sure, I am not understanding why she keeps some of the employees that she does, because they are all sorts of drama filled. But that makes for a good TV show, right?

The show was just picked up for Season 3 on E!, which gives you plenty of time to catch up on the first two seasons. But lets talk about why you should be watching the show.


This is one of my favorite brands and I don’t even wear jewelry. But, as Uncommon James grows and expands – you get to see the challenges of growing a business and exactly why you want to support the brand. Kristin’s passion that she puts into the brand, her want to make it grow, and her commitment to her employees is inspiring.




There is nothing better than a TV show filled with drama. This one has it everywhere you turn. It’s as if that’s all these people know.

But Kristin is having none of it and seeing her lay the smackdown is always a ton of fun.



There are so many different people on the show, but I will be honest – Brittany drives me insane. She’s the boss at Uncommon James but she comes across as this boss who doesn’t listen, plays the victim, and doesn’t listen. There are all these issues at Uncommon James as it grows and Brittany takes no responsibility for them. She’s annoying. And quite frankly I don’t like her.

But that’s the beauty of a television show. You’ll like some of the characters and you’ll hate some of them. But this show will give you all of that.


I think that friendships are such an important part of anyones life and definitely an important part of a television show. One thing I LOVE about Very Cavallari is Kristin’s friendship with her BFF, Kelly. They are funny, wise, and really show that blunt friendship that we all have with at least someone in our lives. These two will do anything for each other.

And you know – Kelly’s dating life is always entertaining. She’s just so picky and doesn’t settle and it’s fucking inspiring.




To be honest, I know shit about football. I don’t want to know anything about football. I hate football. But I do love Jay Cutler. Not because of him playing sports, but because of how he entertains me on this show. He’s like so blasé about everything. The man is stubborn, but kind. Loving but firm. And he seems like he’s a really amazing Dad.

Jay is part of the heart of the show and he’s absolutely deadpan hilarious. Plus he’s not too bad on the eyes.

Very Cavallari air’s on E!.

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