As the summer television hiatus is upon us, our DCTV shows have reached their season’s end.

For some, like Arrow, that signals a huge change coming in the form of losing the heart of your show in Felicity Smoak. For others, like Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow, it’s the end of one chapter and the start of a new one where there’s always a possibility for redemption for mistakes of seasons past.

Our DCTV writers Alyssa and Charles are here to recap the week in DC Television with reviews from Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow.

‘Supergirl’ 4×22: “The Quest for Peace”

by Alyssa Barbieri

Supergirl — “The Quest for Peace” — Image Number: SPG422A_0352b.jpg — Pictured: Katie McGrath as Lena Luthor — Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Just when I think I’ve broken free, Supergirl manages to suck me right back in. While Supergirl’s season 4 finale was an impressive hour of television, it was what the show managed to do to set up the next season that has me excited.
Namely, Lena Luthor learning, from Lex, that Kara is Supergirl. It was something that we knew was going to happen; it was just a matter of when. But Supergirl managed to handle it in the best way. Given the history between Lex and Superman – and if you want to look at it, the history between those two on Smallville – it made the revelation all the more impactful. After all, this was someone who doesn’t trust very easily learning that her best friend had been lying to her face after she made it clear that kind of behavior wouldn’t fly.
I have to admit, I was surprised that we got a scene with Kara and Lena after the fact. I thought they’d save it for next season. But putting those two characters in that situation – where Lena watched as Kara laughed and was so easily able to keep this from her – really drove the point home. It made it that much easier to understand Lena’s anger in her final scene of the season. And it also made the wait that much more unbearable before we see how Lena decides to approach things – and how this will impact Kara and Lena’s friendship.
Elsewhere in the finale, Lex was defeated by Supergirl and then killed by Lena. Or was he? The Monitor mysteriously showed up, and I found myself waiting for Lex’s eyes to shoot open. They didn’t, but I’m still not convinced he’s gone for good. Which, for this show, would be best.
Also, Ben Lockwood was defeated – and the whole anti-alien agenda quickly resolved, too quickly – while his son preached the importance of equality and acceptance with aliens, which really had to kill his father from his jail cell. Then there was Red Kara getting redemption, Alex and Kelly Olsen getting romantic and Brainy telling Nia “I love you,” and we still didn’t get a damn kiss. Come on, Supergirl, you’re killing me.

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 4×16: “Hey, World!”

by Charles

For me, the season 4 finale of Legends of Tomorrow was a mixed bag at best. While I did enjoy some moments from the episode like Sara, Nate and Gary pretending to be Supergirl, Arrow and The Flash or Vandal Savage’s cameo as Ray’s torturer/ Jenga buddy was cute. The team getting everyone to sing to save Nate from death after defeating Neron was a silly moment that doesn’t work on any other show besides Legends. However, I had a MAJOR problem with one choice made in this episode and it has to do with what the show did to Zari.
Since the Legends saved the day and got people to care and learn to live with magical creatures, the act that ended up killing Zari’s brother and makes her a fugitive never happens. So that means Zari never joined the Legends and instead Zari’s brother did. Yep, the Legends changed the timestream once again and now Zari as we knew her is gone. To say I’m not a fan of the show going this direction with her character is a understatement. I don’t want to get use to a new Zari especially since we just did a storyline like this in a way with Charlie this season. Sure, Nate possibly remembering his relationship with Zari will be angst trope gold next season but getting to that point just doesn’t feel worth losing Zari at this point. Also we won’t get to see them raise Wicksty together and damn that makes me sad.
As for other quick thoughts on the season finale : Ray was saved thanks to Nate’s sacrifice and it looks like him and Nora will be full-steam ahead next season. At least I hope they will be as long as Nora being Gary’s fairy godmother doesn’t get in the way.
Gary……. I’ve already made clear how disappointing it was that he got a free pass for betraying the team and the Time Bureau so let’s just move on.
As for what’s next , that was made clear with a last-second scene of Astra holding the souls of several of the worst criminals throughout time in her hands so it looks like fun and games might be over for the Legends next season.

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