4 Reason’s I Am Obsessed With ‘Four Weddings And A Funeral’

Sometimes I think that some critics are miserable and don’t know how to look at things objectively. The want to say shit about the things people love, while the things that people are like WHAT THE FUCK with, they are acting like that are a Godsend.

It’s why I don’t want to be a critic. Then again, Iguess that’s what I do, to a point.

I sat down to watch Hulu’s Four Weddings and A Funeral, because people were talking so much shit about it, I had a bit of curiosity and also had plenty of time on my hands, because I was sick. And, well I am obsessed with this show.

Why? It’s thought provoking, dramatic, funny, and well realistic. You know except for the whole pick up and move to London thing, cause let me tell you, getting a visa to live in another country is hard AF.

Let me break down the four reasons (see what I did there, chose four, cause you know it’s 4 weddings) why I am obsessed:



I am obsessed with England. I think it’s the royalty angle that gets to me, but that’s fine. I don’t have any shame. So, a show that’s set in London and was actually filmed there? YES PLEASE.

I love that this show is set there. It feel like a different world, but one that I can totally get behind. I also love the fact that they aren’t afraid to go there and make fun of Americans, the way that we respond to things, and the way that we are perceived.

I love seeing the streets of London, the people of London, and for it to just feel real. And I am not complaining about having to hear all of the British accents.



We all have issues. Some of us are just more vocal about them. As we get older, shit doesn’t go away. Struggles get harder, on a different level, and make you wonder why you ever wanted to grow up in the first place. We’re dealing with love, heartbreak, friendships, death, kids, drama, relationships… just little bits of everything.

But what I love the most is that even in the darkest of moments, it doesn’t take itself too seriously and allows you to figure out how to find the positive in the most negative of moments. It makes you stop and take a look at yourself, reminds you to stand up for yourself, and that your feelings are valid.


If I have ever in my life thought that someone is a genius, it would be Mindy Kaling. She’s a fantastic actress, amazing comedian, and a writer of unparalleled talent. There is nothing that comes from her that I would not watch or read. Unless it’s something in the horror genre, I guess. Then, I am out.



Four Weddings and a Funeral, stars Nathalie Emmanuel, Nikesh Patel, Rebecca Rittenhouse, John Reynolds and Brandon Mychal Smith. The cast is uber talented. The chemistry between them all is absolutely amazing.

I think that as with any show, if the casting doesn’t grab you, you’re kinda screwed. But they made sure that this show had perfect casting. With this show, they’ve made sure that the casting is flawless and I for one, appreciate that.

If you aren’t watching, you should.

Four Weddings and a FuneralĀ is streaming now on Hulu.


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