The Cast For Leigh Bardugo’s ‘Shadow and Bone’ Has Been Set

We are ready to be owned by Shadow and Bone.

Netflix announced that the cast has been set for the adaptation of Leigh Bardugo’s novel.

In a world cleaved in two by a massive barrier of perpetual darkness, where unnatural creatures feast on human flesh, a young soldier uncovers a power that might finally unite her country. But as she struggles to hone her power, dangerous forces plot against her. Thugs, thieves, assassins and saints are at war now, and it will take more than magic to survive.

Author of the Grishaverse novels and Executive Producer Leigh Bardugo says, “I was so wary going into this process because these characters have lived in my head for so long. Turns out I had nothing to fear. Watching these actors begin to inhabit these roles has been pure magic.”

We’re so excited for this adaptation. See the cast below –

Zoya Nazyalensky

Sujaya Dasgupta (Press, Guilt) will play Zoya Nazyalensky. A valued soldier who can manipulate the weather, as arrogant as she is powerful.



Simon Sears (Winter Brothers, Ride Upon The Storm) will play Ivan. A dangerous soldier loyal only to General Kirigan.


Jesper Fahey

Kit Young (Endeavour, London Bridge Theatre’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream) will play Jesper Fahey. A gambler and sharpshooter who can’t walk away from a wager—even one as risky as running with Kaz.


Alina Starkov

Jessie Mei Li (Last Night in Soho, West End’s All About Eve) will play Alina Starkov. An orphan and soldier whose latent power may be the key to setting her troubled country free.


Kaz Brekker

Freddy Carter (Pennyworth, 15 DAYS) will play Kaz Brekker. A rising star in the criminal underworld with a gift for unlikely schemes and a thirst for vengeance.



Amita Suman (The Outpost, Doctor Who) will play Inej. A key member of Kaz’s gang. Known as the Wraith, she is a dangerous spy with a troubled past and impeccable knife skills.


Malyen Oretsev

Archie Renaux (Voyagers, Gold Digger) will play Malyen Oretsev. Alina’s childhood friend and a gifted tracker whose world unravels after a brutal ambush in the Shadow Fold.


General Kirigan

Ben Barnes (Westworld, The Punisher) will play General Kirigan. Known as the Darkling to his enemies, The commander of the Second Army—the kingdom’s magical military elite, who is determined to see his nation freed from the Shadow Fold no matter the cost.


Genya Safin

Daisy Head will play (Harlots, Guilt) will play Genya Safin. A Grisha who is able to manipulate physical appearance, Genya is an outsider at the royal court, forced to serve Ravka’s queen.


Nina Zenik

Danielle Galligan (Game of Thrones, Krypton) will play Nina Zenik. A joyful, pleasure-loving Heartrender—who can kill without ever laying a finger on you.

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