‘Katy Keene’ Adds A Broadway Star To The Cast

The Katy Keene cast has added a Broadway legend, and we’re excited for it.

Bernadette Peters has been added to the cast as “Ms. Freesia.” Ms. Freesia is described as, “Pepper Smith’s eccentrically elegant surrogate mother and mentor.”

She is also “a wealthy Upper East sider who secured her luxurious lifestyle through cunning means and is actively forming Pepper in her fabulous image.”

This is going to be interesting.

Pepper Smith is part of Katy’s inner circle. She’s the “it girl” and name dropper – so in other words someone that will probably annoy most of us, but be useful at certain times also. Because hey, name droppers can usually get you in anywhere and if you’re living in New York, trust me when I say you need to know someone who knows everyone.

Where’s my Upper East Side mentor?

Katy Keene airs midseason on The CW.

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