‘Evil‘ 1×04 Review: “Rose390”

Well. Okay. Evil.

So… that happened.

Last week’s review of Evil was a bit passive because honestly, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to keep up with the show. But sweet Jesus, after this week’s episode entitled “Rose390,” I may be having second thoughts.

The show starts off with a not the best Christian couple, who feel like their son is absolutely possessed. He tries to poison them and even tries to drown his baby sister. Baby. Sister. They’ve spoken to a dozen different doctors and shrinks, and no one can figure out what is wrong with him.

At first, I thought we’d get a look at our first proper exorcist on the show. But as soon as Eric showed up, something about his demeanor…I felt like we probably wouldn’t.

He seemed just psychopathic. Not possession. No remorse. No blinking. And he definitely could not understand pain or emotions. Mind you, my only real comparison is the hundreds of movies I have watched over the years.

While the case of the week was quite interesting, with a shock that was quite literally to die for (Get it?), I did find myself quite bored with literally almost every other aspect.

One of the subplots that I found particularly quizzical was with Kristen’s daughters. Is there a reason they had to interact with Ben? Is there a reason they all talk at once, all the time? The question here is, they’re the ones that interacted with Rose390, so are they a subplot, or just the actual plot? I’m not sure. And honestly, that’s my biggest issue with the show.

It cannot seem to find it’s footing.

Every episode, something happens, but it’s not connected to literally any other plotline that we have been introduced to in the past. Who is this Rose390, and why is she telling the daughters that their father is dead? One thing I do think might happen is that Laura will actually become possessed. She will be the first case that David and Kristen will have to work on to battle a real “Evil” that cannot be explained away by any science, or psychology.

Just a prediction!

Where the heck is Townsend? Did he just run away after Kristen gave him a stern talking to?

What happened to John the Demon? Is he still tormenting Ben’s sister about some baby she may or may not have had? Is he on vacation with George? Do they know Rose390?

One thing I did find particularly interesting is how quickly Kristen accepted David’s offer for drinks. I’m not sure why I was a bit taken aback by the lack of subtlety of her interest, but I was. And then to hear that her hubby may be dead? Well, in that case, tickle me curious.

Yes, curious enough to stick around for perhaps another week. The show has not hooked me, but the ending did increased my interest enough to wonder what would happen next. And honestly, the premise is good enough to hope that things will get better. A lot of shows take a couple of episodes to find their footing, and I do hope that Evil is one of them.

 Photo: Jeff Neumann/CBS ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

If somehow this show wraps up its first season with a jaw-dropping plot where every piece of information we have received, and every subplot I have questioned comes together to form a crescendo of a twist, I will be the first to say I was wrong. But until then, we can only hope, or as David would say “ask for what we want, and have faith.”

What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you think Kristen’s husband is dead? Do you think we’ll ever meet him? Do you think we’ll ever see a case that isn’t explained away by science? Let me know in the comments below!

Evil airs Thursdays at at 9/10c on CBS.

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