‘The Mandalorian’ 1×01 & 1×02 Roundtable

The verdict on The Mandalorian is quite positive thus far among the Star Wars fans around the Fangirlish writer’s room. (ICYMI: here are our reviews for episode one and episode two). Check out what our crew has to say about the first two episodes of the show!

1). We’re now 2 episodes into The Mandalorian. Share a gif with your overall reaction thus far. (Please include link). 




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2). Do you have a favorite performance thus far in the series? Why?

Ashley: I have a hard time choosing because I’ve been so pleased with everything and everyone thus far. I’ll say my favorite performance is everyone who is managing the puppetry and practical effects characters. Practical effects are a lost art and I’m so grateful that the show runners opted to do that instead of CGI-ing the crap out of everything. 

Lizzie: I mean, since baby Yoda doesn’t count, I’m going to say Pedro. Just kidding, but in truth, Pedro Pascal has done amazing at emoting from inside a helmet. We usually can tell what he’s thinking and even feeling, which I would have thought was impossible to transmit without seeing his face. 

Julie: I think Pedro Pascal is knocking us out of the park by making us love a character whose face we cannot even see. 

3). One thing I’ve noticed is that there is very little dialogue in the series. How does this affect your interpretation of the series as a whole?

Ashley: I am really enjoying the “Star Wars as a silent film” motif being employed thus far in the series. It really makes me concentrate on the visual story. 

Lizzie: I’m not usually one for silent episodes, but in this case, I think it works. Just as I think the fact that we can’t see the Mandalorian’s face works. In a way, it almost makes it easier to take in what’s happening, instead of being focused on what the characters are saying.

Julie: I think it helps contribute to world building considerably. The action and setting are telling the store, and I kind of love it. 

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4). Tell us what you think about “The Child.” How do you see them fitting in with the larger story? 

Ashley: Oh gosh, I have no idea. Clearly the child is force sensitive in some way, so it would be interesting to learn how a force sensitive child is treated in a world where the Jedi are triumphant, but the only Jedi we know of is Luke and he’s nowhere to be found in this series. 

Lizzie: Look, like Julie said, I’m calling it Baby Yoda because what else am I gonna call it? No need to correct my SW knowledge. Also, I have NO IDEA where this is going, other than I thought this was a space opera and it’s apparently a man adopts baby in space story? WHO KNEW.

I do feel this could be setup for what comes after the trilogy we’re now seeing. After all, this baby Yoda is already 50 years old, which probably means it’s not even an adult yet. THE Yoda we knew was over 900, after all.

Julie: It’s so up in the air right now. This child is not in The Force Awakens, so something must happen along the way to keep them hidden. All the love people are giving Baby Yoda online is precious. And to the people who correct others for calling it Baby Yoda since this takes place after Yoda dies in Return of the Jedi. We get it, but the child doesn’t have a name yet, so it’s cool if people call it what they want! Let people like things! I will laugh if the child ends up being reincarnated Yoda and all those naysayers were actually incorrect. 

5). I’ve seen some speculation about who The Mandalorian really is. Is the character someone we know from previous Star Wars canon or is he an entirely new character? 

Ashley: I haven’t seen the last two seasons of Star Wars: Rebels yet, so I don’t know how that ends, but I like the theory that the Mandalorian might be Ezra. That would definitely be interesting! However, I’m also leaning towards this being an original character. 

Lizzie: I wouldn’t mind if he’s a character from the animated series, as I don’t think that’s mainstream enough that most people would know, but I don’t really want him to be someone from the movies, because I want Star Wars to really expand beyond the Skywalkers, once and for all. 

Julie: I have no idea, but I hope he’s original. I would love to explore his foundling backstory more. 

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6). We’re two episodes in and the details about what’s going on in the story are still murky. Do you have any speculation for the rest of the series?

Ashley: I have absolutely no idea what to expect, but honestly, I’m not upset about it. Star Wars always plays things close to the chest and I abhor spoilers. At least for the next episode, I’m speculating that we’ll find out a little more about the child. 

Lizzie: It is kind of amazing to be watching a show and have no idea what’s coming. It’s also super refreshing. I think at some point this is going to tie-in, even if just in a small way, with Episode 9, but other than that, I don’t know and I don’t even care about the fact that I don’t know what’s coming. 

Julie: I like that it’s murky, because so many shows get unspoiled these days. I’m excited to see how the child plays into the new universe that has begun after the empire is destroyed. Also, my family has talked a lot about how bounty hunters are neither good nor bad guys – but I hope to see the Mandalorian lean more toward the chaotic good side. 

7). We know this series has a stellar cast. Who are you looking forward to seeing the most in the later episodes? 

Ashley: MING-NA WEN! She’s always a blast to watch, no matter her role. I fully expect to see her kick butt and take names very soon. 

Lizzie: GINA CARANO. I’m super excited for her, because I really don’t think she’s going to play the typical female character, and I’m just looking forward to SW introducing more badass females. If that upsets the fanboys, even better.

Julie: I actually for the first time went into this show knowing very little about it. So I’m excited to be pleasantly surprised when someone I love shows up. 🙂 I do hope we get to see Pedro Pascal’s lovely face at least once. 

The third episode of The Mandalorian airs on November 22, 2019 on Disney+.

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