‘The Mandalorian’ 1×08 Review: “Redemption”

The finale of The Mandalorian had what I’ve been waiting for all season–background on Mando, even with the long awaited reveal of his actual name, and the removal of his helmet as well. Jam-packed with action, a bit of intrigue, and surprises, “Redemption” is an episode that nicely wraps the first season of The Mandalorian. Here are a few highlights from the episode. 


IG-11! He was a bit unexpected for me in this episode, but I loved every second he was on screen. It was so fun to watch him spin around and deftly take out troopers all the while protecting Baby Yoda. His care for Mando in removing his helmet–“I am not a living being”–and then his ultimate sacrifice at the end was enough to hit me in the feels. It also stirs up the old Star Wars debate about whether or not droids should be considered sentient and human. 

Cara Dune! I’m always going to scream with fangirlish glee whenever she comes on screen, but she was especially good in this episode. I loved watching her wield her strength like it’s no big deal, whether it’s mowing down a line of stormtroopers with a Very Large Gun, or picking up Mando like it’s no big deal and carrying him to safety. She’s got affection towards Mando, it’s clear to see, and I think it’s sweet to see the tough and sturdy gal show her soft side. I’m hopeful to see more of her next season.


The Armorer! I wasn’t expecting to see her again. Truthfully, I was looking for her distinct helmet in the pile of Mandalorian armor, but I was very pleasantly surprised to see her again. Not to mention her killer fight scene with the squad of stormtroopers! She was a sight to behold wielding her hammer for more than just the building of armor. 


Moff Gideon! He’s a real bad dude, merciless in his pursuit of Mando and merciless even with his own troops, but what was that sword he was wielding??! I was reminded of Dryden Vos’ (Paul Bettany’s) knives in Solo. I wasn’t totally surprised to see him emerge from his ship at the end, but now I’m concerned for Cara and Greef who’ve chosen to stay behind on Nevarro. Will Gideon regroup there or will he go somewhere else?


Mando! Or should I say, Din Djarin! We now finally understand his hatred of droids, and why he chooses to adhere so closely to the Mandalorian creed. I’m also eager to see him be full on daddy to Baby Yoda. We finally got a glimpse at the man behind the mask. I still find myself expecting Pedro Pascal to start talking like Oberyn Martell, but it was nice to finally get a glimpse of him. He’s on his way to find Baby Yoda’s people or to train up the smallest Mandalorian ever. 

With this set up, I’m eager to see the next season, due in the Fall of 2020. Jon Favearau has done so well with this series, hiring a solid cast, and assembling an army of stellar directors. I’m especially eager to see more of Deborah Chow’s work, as she directed my two favorite episodes of the season. So friends, until next season,

I have spoken.

The Mandalorian is set to return for season two.

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