‘The Morning Show’ 1×07 Review: “Open Waters”

The title of the last episode of The Morning Show: “Open Waters” refers to the state we find most of our UBA network employees. It’s a metaphor, carefully laid out by Cory, about predators in the wild, circling their prey- only going in for the kill when they absolutely know they’ll succeed.

While the episode had a lot going on, something about it seemed a bit all over the place. I think what’s worked very well in the past for the show is having a major story as a sub plot that ties everyone together; for example, the back drop of the LA fires last week was a great way to get everyone in a place, and have them all go through their own situations, together… but separate.

This week something is missing.

Perhaps it’s just the predators circling right now; a build up of sorts, which will inevitably blow up if Bradley decides that she does want to interview Mitch.

This Mitch Kessler situation is dragging out a lot longer than I thought it would. Steve Carell is one of the leading men of the show, so I wasn’t really sure how the writers would keep him around after being fired, but I really feel like this isn’t the way.

While Mitch just seems like he can’t let go, I’m almost a bit sad to see Bradley going behind everyone’s back and doing her own snooping, and making a deal with Mitch, while also pretending (?) to befriend Alex during her hardships.

Now, Alex.

I’ve read a couple of tweets and theories- saying that Alex Levy is a narcissist, and I am no psychologist, but I don’t see it.

At all.

Is she a saint? Hell no.

But she definitely doesn’t seem narcissistic, but maybe I’m wrong. The argument she has with Lizzy during the episode is probably my second favourite scene (I’m looking at you Mia), and I could only take Alex’ side. Lizzy seemed spoiled, and bratty as she moaned and groaned to her mom for her failed marriage. I mean, she’s in University, right? She’s an adult who knows these things happen? It was so strange to see a grown up react so childishly to the divorce announcement.

All in all, I still feel like The Morning Show isn’t consistent. They definitely have a plot in mind, but the execution seems all over the place. We still don’t know a lot about many of the characters and the show- Like Cory and Hannah- and there are only 3 episodes left. It’s hard to be invested in the dilemma of these characters when we know virtually nothing about them.

The season does look like its headed towards a very explosive season finale- I just wish it was a bit of a smoother ride getting there, rather than a roller coaster.

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