Decade Roundtable: Most Underrated Show Of The Decade

There are a lot of shows that we have loved and a lot of shows that we have hated. I mean – that’s just life. Right? Well, we learned a long time ago that in life – it’s opinions that make the world a stronger place. But when people disagree with us on the things that we love, we question them a little. We admit it.

However, we admit, we get a little testy when people don’t see all of greatness that we see. So, we’re talking about what show we think was the most underrated show of the decade.


Erin: Without a doubt, it’s Timeless. This show changed everything. It had a cast that you became invested in, the writing was out of the world, an OTP that you would stop at nothing to make sure would happen, and made us all appreciate history a little bit more than we ever have. The show was never given the credit that it deserved, the promotion that it deserved, and the time slot that it should have been given to grow. This show will be something that we always fight for and believe in, because it deserves it and a girl can always dream that we will get it back.

Lizzie: Timeless. How did so many people sleep on this gem of a show? It had engaging characters, a diverse cast, an OTP or two that you could absolutely root for, a three-dimensional “villain” and it was about 500 times more interesting than any history lesson has ever been! In fact, if I’d been a betting woman, I would have bet on this show being a hit, and then, somehow, it fell through the cracks …and people didn’t find it in time. I hope time gives this show the justice it deserves, because Timeless was the kind of show that only comes along, well …once a decade or so.

McKenzie: Completely agree with Lizzie here, Timeless. I don’t get how this show didn’t work. I mean, I do. Thanks NBC, you set it up to fail, with your non promotion and shitty timeslots. However, everything else was perfect. The storyline, the concept, cast, locations, chemistry, just everything.  You even got hardcore fans to bring it back from death not once but twice. That is dedication and shows how awesome it was.  


Lyra: Catfish. Yes, you read that. I said the reality show on MTV. There is something so wonderful and innocent about people believing the best in people and hoping that true love has finally come knocking at their door. It’s sad when people get tricked and swindled, but the way they rise from the situations these people fall into, it’s inspiring. 


Gillian: While they received some award recognition for the excellent season 2, I feel like Justified on FX never truly got the praise it deserved. A modern-day western that takes place in Kentucky focusing on U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens, played brilliantly by Timothy Olyphant. It starts a bit like a procedural, but evolved into such a great character piece for Raylan and the other inhabitants of Harlan, including Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins). If nothing else, watch season 2 and tell me it’s not the best thing you’ve ever seen.


Lacey: SyFy’s Haven. It surprises me how many people haven’t heard of or seen this show. The writing and story progression was amazing and by the series finale, every question you had was answered. Everything came full circle and there were no unresolved storylines. I wish it could have been longer because it was just such a great story and had a stellar cast.


Naomi: The Originals is the most slept on show of decade in my book. I am a sucker for romance and family so I was bound to this show from the start. The brutal but tortured Mikaelson clan drank blood, cracked bones and killed more than you could count, but they never turned their backs on family. The witty banter and grand declarations of Klaus, Elijah, Kol, and Rebekah were worth coming back every week. I wish we could have gotten more, but at least we have Legacies 🙂


Jasmine: Orphan Black hands down.  I loved this show so much and Tatiana Maslany was magnificent! Playing multiple roles, 13 to be exact is extremely difficult especially when every single one of them has a very different personality.  Tatiana nailed every clone she played to the point all I saw was the clone and not Tatiana.  At times she even had to play a clone pretending to be another clone. 


Julie: Honestly, I have to say Schitt’s Creek. It’s an absolute shame that the show is finally getting some attention just before it’s sixth and final season. We should have all been singing its praises for years! Eugene and Dan Levy brought this absolute gem of a show to life, and it features an ensemble cast of characters that you will absolutely fall in love with. For being a comedy show, there are so many heartfelt moments that hit you in the feels so hard. And don’t even get me started on how absolutely wonderful David and Patrick are as a ship. 


Grace: One of the best parts of this year was discovering the gem that is Wynonna Earp. This show is the very definition of underrated which for some reason baffles me. It features some of the most well-written characters that I have ever seen. But what I love most about the show is the relationships that are at its core. Between the Earp sisters, WayHaught, or just the family that is the Black Badge Division, Wynonna Earp continues to warm my heart and show me what true love and family is. 


Shana: Honestly? Pearson came in right at the end of the decade and deserved way better. Recently, I actually had someone tell me they hadn’t heard of it; and I was….just shocked. Like, how? How. Anyway. For whatever reason, Pearson didn’t even get the benefit of the full Suits fandom behind it, which is total nonsense for a spinoff centered on a beloved character (not to mention one that’s a total queen and played by the goddess otherwise known as Gina Torres). The series took a while to get started and find its legs, which is what I’m guessing caused such low numbers? But whatever. It was too good not to receive some respect on its name. 

What is your most underrated show of the decade?

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