Decade Roundtable: The Worst Shows Of The Decade

There are always good and bad television shows and we’ll be the first to say that everything is subjective. There are shows that we love and shows we hate.

But we all have very strong feelings on the best and worst shows of the decade. But right now we’re talking about the worst. And we had so much dislike for some that we couldn’t find a lot to write on them. These shows just were ummm… the worst.

Read our list below –


Erin: Insatiable. I can’t with the bullshit that was this show. Like I legitimately can’t. It is a beyond description of how bad it is. How forced it is. AND HOW IT SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN MADE. It’s sexist – hell it’s every kind of bad thing. It’s acting is horrible. The writing is horrible. It’s just horrible. I will stand by that. FOREVER.


Lizzie: I’m with Shana on this one. Why did we have to get more The X Files? The original wasn’t perfect, but it was much better than the shit show Carter was allowed to do with the revival.

Shana: I’m going to be petty and say The X-Files because what Chris Carter did to Scully with the whole, “it’s not medical rape, it’s science!” is unforgivable. What a waste.


McKenzie: The Charmed reboot on the CW. What was that mess?  The original was perfect as it was. If you are going to do a reboot you get the original cast or do on offshoot of it somehow.  I was not a fan. I think I only watched about the first 20 minutes of the first episode. 


Lyra: The Big Bang Theory is the worst show of the decade. Leonard is a sexist pig who somehow got everything he wanted despite acting like an asshole and acting like he owned Penny. Nope. Not on my watch. I’m not here for this perpetuated stereotype where the nerd gets the girl just cuz. Also Amy, just no. If she were a guy people would be all over her for sexually harrassing Sheldon into having sex. Nope. It’s sick, twisted, and one of the many reasons why this show is the worst.


Grace: I’d have to go with the short-lived Ravenswood only because it took away Caleb from Pretty Little Liars for too long. 


Lacey: This might be cheating since the original series aired back in 2004, but the season 4 revival just dropped this summer and my gosh, I wish it hadn’t. I’m talking about none other than Veronica Mars…aka a show I wish I could forget. Fifteen years wasted on a franchise for it to all end in a steaming pile of trash with that fourth season. I’ll never get over the way fans and certain stars of the show were treated and let down. Truly a waste! 


Jasmine: The Masked Singer.  I get that people love it but we have far too many singing shows on television and now we add one where celebrities are singing in costumes? Come on! I don’t care who is under the weird cat head.

Julie: Marvel’s Inhumans. It was bad. It was so bad. I wanted to like it so badly, but there was too much working against it. The writing, the special effects, the wigs – it was all cringe-worthy. And there is talk that they might reboot it and try again, but I wonder if it has left too poor of a taste in people’s mouths. The only thing I liked about the show was the giant puppy. 

Naomi: I gotta go with Julie on this and say Inhumans– if for nothing more than Medusa’s big, sentient, foolish wig.



  1. During its golden age, X-Files was talking about women impregnating by aliens… The big revelation was planned since season 7… The problem is not that the revival of X-Files is less good than the original series, the problem is that we are not anymore living in the same world than we were living in the nineties… X-Files season 11 is one of the best of the series, I would really love to see a season 12.

    1. I don’t think Chris “I changed my mind 45 times about what actually happened to Samantha” ever had an actual long-term plan, that’s why his mythology is lacking. As for more …without Scully, I want nothing. I would have rather we didn’t get 10 and 11 considering CC, but without Scully, no way.

    2. Hi. What they did to Scully wasn’t right in the 90s/2000s, and it sure as hell wasn’t right to retcon the original story to make it even WORSE. Furthermore, doubling down in a reddit AMA and being dismissive, misogynistic, and just generally gross to women who raised the issue with the medical rapes wasn’t a good look for Carter either.

      Considering the shitshow that was the “Struggles,” I would rather claw out my own eyes with a spork than ever see another new episode of The X-Files. My only qualification on that statement is that MAYBE if and only if Frank Spotnitz—the reason, along with the actors that the series was good in the first place—was involved, I MIGHT give it a chance, while still keeping a spork on hand just in case.

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