Decade Roundtable: The Worst Shows Of The Decade

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  1. John Doggs says:

    During its golden age, X-Files was talking about women impregnating by aliens… The big revelation was planned since season 7… The problem is not that the revival of X-Files is less good than the original series, the problem is that we are not anymore living in the same world than we were living in the nineties… X-Files season 11 is one of the best of the series, I would really love to see a season 12.

    1. Lissete Lanuza Sáenz says:

      I don’t think Chris “I changed my mind 45 times about what actually happened to Samantha” ever had an actual long-term plan, that’s why his mythology is lacking. As for more …without Scully, I want nothing. I would have rather we didn’t get 10 and 11 considering CC, but without Scully, no way.

    2. Shana says:

      Hi. What they did to Scully wasn’t right in the 90s/2000s, and it sure as hell wasn’t right to retcon the original story to make it even WORSE. Furthermore, doubling down in a reddit AMA and being dismissive, misogynistic, and just generally gross to women who raised the issue with the medical rapes wasn’t a good look for Carter either.

      Considering the shitshow that was the “Struggles,” I would rather claw out my own eyes with a spork than ever see another new episode of The X-Files. My only qualification on that statement is that MAYBE if and only if Frank Spotnitz—the reason, along with the actors that the series was good in the first place—was involved, I MIGHT give it a chance, while still keeping a spork on hand just in case.

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