Decade Roundtable: The Most Influential Singer of The Decade

I think that we can all agree that music defines so many moments in our lives. For us the singers behind the music are also the people we look up to, the people that inspire, and the people that make us think about what type of people we want to be.

We’re breaking down the most influential singers of the decade and I don’t think anyone will be surprised by our response.

Erin: Can we all agree here that this is Taylor Swift or Beyonce? Both have influenced music on a level that very few people would ever be able to. Both have created loyal cult like followings. Both continue to change the face of music and influence generations that they can be anything and do anything. They have built empires. They make everyone stop and pay attention. They both make you wonder how they can accomplish so much in a day. They both put on amazing performances. They both have battled their lives in the public eye. They both never stop. They both are phenomenons. They both can be compared to no one else. They both are an event, a lifestyle, and they both have more talent than most of us have in our pinkies.

Lizzie: Taylor Swift. She is just an event in and of herself, every time she puts something new out. I don’t think there’s an entertainer out there who can compare.

Lyra: I’m gonna go out on a limb here and go for something a little different. I know she hasn’t been in the public eye for as long as these other singers but I absolutely love Lizzo. She is so confident, wild, and exudes the kind of raw talent I wish I had in my life. Get it Lizzo and keep getting it!

McKenzie: It’s a mix up between Beyonce and Taylor Swift for me.  They both command such a presence on stage. Between ticket sales, singles, music videos, performances, awards and surprise albums, these two know how to play to the industry and their fans. They know how to use their power and they do.  Everyone pays attention to them. It also helps that they are both immensely talented. 

Jasmine: Halsey.  I love her so much.  She fights for the LGBTQ community, women’s reproductive rights, and does so much for her fans.  Also, if you haven’t checked out her poem “A story like mine” that she recited during the 2018 Womens march, i would advise you to do so. 

Shana: I’m going to say Celine Dion, purely because of an inside joke with a friend. 

Who is the most influential singer of the decade to you?




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