‘Sex Education’ Advance Review: Even Better in Season 2

I know, big words. But I’m standing by them. Sex Education season 2 surpases not just expectations, but season 1 as well.

When you have a show that carried a few big names but relatively low expectations to begin with, and that show ends up being not just a ratings success, but a critical hit, the follow up is the hardest part. You already told a good story, after all. How do you continue doing that while staying true to the stories you’ve already told, the characters you’ve already created?

How do you make people feel, once again, while taking these people we’ve grown attached to on another journey, one that makes sense?

This way. This is how you do it.

Because yes, we think Sex Education season 2 might just be better than season 1. Or, at least, it’s the rare follow-up that doesn’t feel removed from the story it was trying to tell before. Like these are the same characters, and the changes they’re going through somehow make sense.

Ah, good writing.

So, to get you excited for what’s coming (this Friday!) I have some teases for you as to what you can expect on Season 2. Buckle up, because you this show is as wild and relevant today as it was when it first came out.

  • The romantic drama is, if possible, turned up a notch. Or five.
  • Aimee’s story-line might be my favorite thing this season.
  • In fact, this might just be the girls’ season. All the girls.
  • There’s a scene in episode seven that might just be my favorite in this entire show – and it does not involve one single male character.
  • Every time I want to dislike Jackson, he finds a way to make me change my mind.
  • You’re gonna love Viv.
  • Gillian Anderson remains the most attractive person on this show (and possibly the universe). And her outfits are A+.
  • This the season of Otis being right about everything …that doesn’t have to do with his own life.
  • You wanted diversity? THERE’S EVEN MORE.
  • If you wanted Ola gone, well, I’ve got bad news for you.
  • Everyone seems to be grappling with their sexuality, in ways that feel very real.
  • Maeve and Otis’ shippers will be happy to hear the show is not just hand-waving their connection away. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy, though.
  • No, you haven’t seen the last of Adam. Not by a long shot. And, after this season, you’ll be glad for that.

Are you excited for Sex Education season 2? What are you most hoping to see? Share with us in the comments below!

Sex Education season 2 will be available to stream on Netflix January 17th.

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