Who Wants To Write Some Reports?

It’s kinda funny – because I write on here – but I hate writing.

Reports that is.

Sure, we all have to do a lot of them in life, but who really embraces them? Not me.

But then again, I am not on a Tom Cruise movie and flying in an F18.

Miles Teller was talking about Top Gun: Maverick and in an interview said, “I’ve been wanting to make this movie my entire life. There’s a lot of pressure to live up to the original, and we made the heck out of this movie. Just the aerial footage alone is going to be unlike anything anybody’s ever seen. We’re actually in the F-18s. There’s really no green screen. It’s high octane, man. It’s gonna be, can I say ‘Badass’?”

That’s all great and stuff – I mean if you like being in a plane that goes so fast that puking will be the thing that you do in the sky and all.

But what is intriguing about this interview is that Miles said, “He was so dialed in to everything we were doing. After every flight, we had to give a full on written report that went directly to Tom. Tom could play all of our parts in this movie, and it’d be the most thrilling thing you’ve ever seen.”


Now, look every artist has their own “methods” but writing reports on set? Well, that’s a hard pass for me.

But at the same point, I am so excited over Top Gun: Maverick, that I admit – I’d write the shit out of some reports.

Even if they were for Tom Cruise (not his biggest fan, if you can’t tell).

Top Gun: Maverick premieres June 26, 2020.

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