‘The Bold Type’ 4×03 Review: Life’s a Marathon

I’ve never been one for running. Running away from someone chasing me or just running in the gym. But, luckily, marathons don’t always involve running, as evidenced by The Bold Type‘s latest episode.

Sutton said it best in this episode: “Life’s a marathon.”

A marathon is a journey, something we saw both literally and figuratively in this episode. Jane had to deal with her trust issues with Ryan, while Sutton questioned her career choices and Kat fought for equality and representation at a New York City marathon.

Let’s break down this episode of The Bold Type:

Jane’s No-Sex Marathon

Freeform/Jonathan Wenk

Oh, Tiny Jane. Baby girl, you’ve been hurt. You’ve been hurt and you don’t know if you can learn to trust again.

While Jane agreed to give Ryan another chance after he cheated on her with a random girl on his book tour, we knew forgiveness is never that easy. Since that moment she “gave him another chance,” she hasn’t been able to trust him.

So Scarlet‘s marathon theme couldn’t have come at a better time, considering Jane has been experiencing a marathon of her own. A no-sex marathon.

Jane and Ryan haven’t had sex since he’s been back from his book tour. Ryan suggests tantric sex to bring them together spiritually. But Jane isn’t having it. She’s totally uncomfortable, she can’t even look him in the eyes, obviously not into it. There’s something broken between them, and she needed to figure out what.

Obviously, Jane doesn’t trust him. It just takes her most of the episode — and Sutton’s suggestion — for her to realize that she believes Ryan did more than just kiss that other girl.

So Jane asks Ryan to give her a complete play-by-play of the night. It was after his book signing and everyone was buying him drinks. You know the rest. Boy gets wasted. Wasted boy does something stupid. Only we didn’t know the extent of the stupid thing. Ryan tells Jane this woman that wanted to be an author got a little too close. Followed him to the elevator. She proceeded to kiss him. And he kissed her back.

But that was all it was. Just a kiss. No sex. Not that it makes it okay. Not in the slightest. But Jane had already been through this part. The agreeing to give him another chance part.

So, now, Jane can really give Ryan another chance. For herself.

Sutton’s Career Marathon

Freeform/Jonathan Wenk

There’s nothing more confusing than trying to figure out your future. One moment you want thing. The next, you want something else. Maybe that’s doubt creeping in. Or maybe that’s just part of discovering what you’re truly meant to do.

Sutton is determined to find her purpose in her life. While she excelled as a designer last season, she realized her true love was in styling. But she soon begins to doubt that in this episode, when she runs into a former designer student that is thriving in her career. It makes Sutton feel unaccomplished, especially as she remains stuck as Oliver’s assistant, who happens to be picking up his Valium prescription.

Sutton thinks she made a mistake with her career. Maybe she should’ve stuck with designing. Everything seemed to come so easily for her in that field. When it comes to styling, she remains an assistant. She’s not in the forefront, and it doesn’t appear that’s going to happen anytime soon.

Still — and I’m about to quote Miley Cyrus — “it’s not about what’s waiting on the other side, it’s about the climb.”

Styling seems to be Sutton’s passion. She loves it so much more than just designing. And just because her styling career hasn’t come easy doesn’t mean that it’s the wrong path for her. The fact that she continues to fight for it — when she could’ve chosen an easier path — shows just how much she loves it.

Kat’s Quest for Representation Marathon

Freeform/Laurent Guerin

One of life’s biggest marathons has been the quest for equality. American history is littered with it — racism, sexism, homophobia, failed attempts to rid the world of such ugly views. And yet, the fight for equality and representation never stops.

Scarlet and Kat approached the New York City Marathon with a unique perspective: Focus on the different aspects of what it means to be in a marathon — and the people running it. Which is how Kat involves Chloe, a transgender woman that loves to run.

Expressing oneself is one of the most important things someone can do. Hiding your true self isn’t healthy. It’s claustrophobic. It’s lonely. It’s a lie. So Kat sets out to help her friend Chloe get to express herself through her favorite thing — running.

Chloe was denied entry into the marathon because when her paperwork was processed, she was still transitioning, so her qualifying time (as a man) didn’t qualify. Even though she’s now a woman. Ridiculous, right?

First, Kat tries to sneak Chloe in through someone else’s identity. But Chloe doesn’t want to run as someone else. She can’t stand the thought of another name on her chest as she does the one thing that has made her feel like she can be herself. Not with everyone in her life telling her she’s someone she’s not. Running is her way to express herself. And she refuses to have that taken away from her.

So Kat works even harder to get her entry into the marathon, which she accomplishes much to the thrill of Chloe. And watching Chloe run that marathon — the thing that makes her, her — it was truly touching.

Jacqueline’s Marriage Marathon

Freeform/Laurent Guerin

Jacqueline isn’t superhuman. She’s mortal, just like the rest of us. While she seems to be indestructible, she’s not immune to the struggles of life. In this case, her failing marriage.

The writing has been on the way for weeks, but Jacqueline hasn’t seen it. Even though we have. Her husband Ian has been angry about Jacqueline putting her work first. Back in the premiere, Ian seemed relieved that she had been fired because she got to actually spend time with him. But once she went back to Scarlet, things changed.

Now, a woman doesn’t exist to please a man. To be there for him. But when it comes to marriage — or any relationship — both sides need to put work in. From everything we’ve gathered, Ian has been putting in the work for years, while Jacqueline has been busy with Scarlet.

Now, Ian is going to do something for him. More than that, he isn’t content with their marriage. He actually said he was “unhappy” in their marriage. Worse, he sees that Jacqueline feels the same.

The Bold Type airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Freeform.

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