Queerly Not Straight: 5 Favorite Moments from ‘The Thing About Harry’

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The Thing About Harry is the Freeform rom com to end all rom coms. It’s what queer viewers have deserved for a long time and a movie that will and has become an instant classic. Because of that, and because we can’t stop talking about this movie, here are our 5 favorite moments from The Thing About Harry!

1. The car ride that started it all.

Opposites attract in a first meeting that set the stage for one of the greatest romances in movie history. I said, what I said. Watching them interact in this beginning, knowing how far they’re really going to go in The Thing About Harry makes this one of my favorite intros since When Harry Met Sally aka the ultimate rom com.

2. The night Harry and Sam spent together.

Not going to lie, in the beginning I was a little thrown off by the bully being Harry. That’s a tropey situation I’m not down with. But the apology that came during this night together and the talking that followed, it was genuine and so damn real. It was the first time that spark was crystal clear to the viewer and the moment I started shipping these two.

3. When Harry confessed his love to Sam.

Harry didn’t just confess his love for Sam. He laid himself bare to Sam and told him about all the bits and bobs he loves about this young man. And it really hit home home how much Harry truly cares for Sam and how much he really knows him. It’s a relationship built on friendship, kindness, and trust that he wanted to give a chance to with Sam aka his lobster.

4. Waking up in bed together.

Pause and forget what happens after they wake up together and just focus on the fact that two men had a sex scene and woke up together. This is unheard of, especially between two men who love each other and who aren’t over sexualized, as queer people often are. Waking up together was the culmination of a night of making love and sharing something unforgettable. 

5. That epilogue with the baby.

This is the moment where I started crying. As queer people we don’t get this in the content we consume. And to see two young men who moved in together, got married, and had a kid…well, it’s beautiful. It gives hope to those of us who want that in our lives and who think it might not be possible. It is. Harry and Sam made it possible. That’s a fact.

The Thing About Harry is available to stream on Freeform and Hulu.

Queerly Not Straight posts every Tuesday with opinion pieces, listicals, reviews, and more focused on the LGBT community (and occasionally about the Latinx community since I am Latinx.)

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