‘Katy Keene’ Star Ashleigh Murray Talks About Her Music

You know that we’re obsessing over Katy Keene. If you haven’t watch the new CW show, you need to catch up.

Just because it’s a Riverdale spinoff – don’t be afraid. It’s nothing like that shit show.

Riverdale star Ashleigh Murray has moved over to Katy Keene. Her character, Josie has moved to New York to pursue her career in music.

Ashleigh was recently in New York and appeared on the AOL Build Series.

She was asked about music – cause you know she’s got an insane voice. The actress said, “I am afraid to sing. I’ve never wanted to pursue it as a career, it was always acting first. I just happened to be able to sing, but I was terrified because I didn’t think I sounded like anybody on the radio. I still don’t, and I know everybody’s like, ‘Oh, that’s kind of good.’”

We never saw that one coming, because her voice is AMAZING.

“If I sounded like Tori Kelly, I wouldn’t be mad, but I don’t have that kind of voice,” Ashleigh continued. “I really, truly, honestly don’t think I have the faith in myself to make something happen. I don’t believe it will good enough. I don’t believe that if I take more singing classes that I’ll push past that discomfort of not liking the way that I sound, or feeling like I sang that wrong, or I sang it bad. I don’t think that I’ll ever get to a point where I’ll feel like, ‘Oh, I sang that great.’ It’s always good.”

We love her voice and would totally buy that record.

Are you a fan of Ashleigh’s? What do you think of Katy Keene? Let us know.

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