‘Schitt’s Creek’ Episode 6×08 Review: “Presidential Suite”

Things got a little fancy in the motel business in this week’s episode of Schitt’s Creek, called “The Presidential Suite.”

While the business partners cut the ribbon on their new motel property, another relationship broke our hearts. But luckily, David and Patrick were there to soften the blow by bringing the humor.

Amicable Goodbye

Alexis and Ted’s relationship has been quite the roller coaster over the past few years. They were engaged and broke up twice, before finally getting back together for good. Or so we thought.

When Ted showed up to see Alexis out of the blue and kept trying to tell her something when she kept distracting him with sex – the writing was on the wall. Like Alexis, we really didn’t want to know what was going to happen.

While watching Ted and Alexis break up was painful, kudos to the writers for sharing what happens when a relationship ends in an adult way. They still love each other, but they care enough to let go because it is what’s best. Neither Ted or Alexis had to sacrifice their dreams. They handled it like mature adults.

But that doesn’t mean we didn’t watch their sweet breakup scene in the fetal position in a puddle of feels grasping desperately for a box of tissues. Ted and Alexis were a beautiful couple who truly brought out the best in each other. And to Ted’s puns – we will miss you most of all.

Now excuse us as we go cry from our heartbreak over these two cutie pies.

Dibs on the Presidential Suite

We finally got to see the Budd/Schitt/Rose business partnership open their new motel, which had a lackluster ribbon cutting ceremony. Alexis was probably too distracted with her Ted drama to throw an actual PR event. How cute was Jocelyn and her little blindfold though?

The battle for the presidential suite at that new motel brings the question to mind – why do the Roses still live in those two rooms at the Rose Budd motel? Johnny is probably making some income from the business venture now so they could probably afford a small apartment. And with David moving in with Patrick after the wedding, they need less room.

I know they are there for show purposes, but the motel has been completely full a few times, so their permanent residents have to be cutting into the bottom line a bit. Maybe that will be one of the things that happens in the finale – because Moira’s wigs need a permanent home.

And who couldn’t help but feel bad for the Schitt’s reason for wanting the Presidential Suite? They are sharing their home with strangers so they could help pay for the new motel. They deserve all the free night’s stays that they want.

It was incredibly sweet of the Rose’s to give up the Presidential Suite without a fuss, another example of just how much many of these characters have grown since the beginning of the show.

Orange is the New Patrick

David and Patrick provided the comic relief in this week’s episode, with David suggesting he get some color before their engagement photos.

First of all, a moment of appreciation for the ensemble cast of Schitt’s Creek, who are just able just pull up the personality they created all those years ago when needed. Loved that Ray was there as the photographer with all his amazing backdrop ideas.

And let’s be honest, we all want a David and Patrick mousepad. They could make a killing if they added those to the show’s merch options.

David trying to brighten Patrick up for the engagement photos and him going along with it to disastrous results was so on brand for our OTP. And Stevie of course, should just always have a bucket of popcorn around the two of them, because she clearly finds so much amusement watching their drama.

It is interesting how Patrick always protests any changes to his looks, but we saw in a few episodes back he wore that tight shirt for Jake’s whiskey party, and he agreed to take a few pics when his tan calmed down at the end of the episode. He’s trying new things, and it’s great that he is comfortable enough with David that he feels safe doing so.

Burning questions for the future episodes: Will the presidential suite now be a rotating corporate retreat residence for Rose Budd motel executives? Will the Rose family ever get out of that motel life? Will we ever see Ted again? And where can we order our David and Patrick mousepads?

Schitt’s Creek airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on PopTv.

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