Why ‘Naughty Books’ Is The Documentary To Watch

I love reading, and the genre that draws me in the most is always romance.

I get that there is a very negative stigma placed on romance books, from the authors who write them, to the people who read them. The books are often called things like “Mommy porn,” which in my opinion is a terrible term.

First of all, not everyone reading a romance book is a mother. Secondly, although there is sex in the stories, they are not porn.

Why is it that anything a woman chooses to enjoy is viewed in a negative light? We get it, we know these books are not real and that’s the point. It’s pure escapism, and we enjoy it so just shut up and let us.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that sex is a very big part of these romance books and that’s because as the old saying goes “Sex sells.” But what happens when it no longer does? That’s what the documentary Naughty Books is going to show us.

Naughty Books, the documentary directed by Austen Eleanore Rachlis, spotlights three romance authors Kelli Maine (Give & Take series), Kristen Proby (With Me In Seattle Series), and CJ Roberts (The Dark Duet) who became famous after self-publishing romance novels.

Watch the trailer below:

What I love about this film is that it will focus not only on the highs of being a writer, but also the lows, which we don’t often see. There is a common misconception that romance writers are living the high life 24/7 and making big bucks, but that’s not always the case.

Naughty Books will be shown during the Cinequest Film Festival March 7, 8, 9, and 13th. You can get your tickets here.

Currently there is no information on other places to catch this film but the director is working on getting it to become available in more places. Sign up for email updates here.

What are your thoughts on the Naughty Books documentary? Tell us in the comments.

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