‘Schitt’s Creek’ Episode 6×11 Review: “Bachelor Party”

If there ever was a time we needed cheering up, it’s now. And this week’s episode of Schitt’s Creek did not disappoint. The “Bachelor Party” for David and Patrick was nothing we expected, but everything we loved.

Thank you to Dan Levy and crew for bringing us this hilarious episode during such a depressing time. Some of us may be watching the escape room on repeat throughout the week when we need a mood boost while in social isolation.

Bachelor Party

Stevie in "The Bachelor Party"
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Once again, it was brought up that David has expensive taste. His wishes for the bachelor party were out of Stevie’s ability to pay, so she finally was the one who put him in his place and said he could have it if he could come up with the money for it. Instead, they had drinks and food at a bar for David and Patrick got to do his escape room.

Stevie had doubts about her ability to be the maid of honor, but she was actually the right girl for the job. If Alexis had kept it, they probably would not have such a blended event for the couple.

Honestly, the Rose family doing an escape room saved us from the doom and gloom of social isolation this week. Everything about this storyline was absolutely perfect. Everyone ignoring Stevie’s e-mails. The running joke of them thinking it was a viewing of the movie Panic Room. The false enthusiasm they all put on for Patrick’s benefit.

And Patrick saying that it was a family tradition to do an escape room and he wanted to do it with his new family hit us right in the feels. He is a Rose now, they just need to make it official.

The best part of the escape room was when David finally got into it and the younger people in the room were solving clues. Of course, our girl Alexis showed off how smart she was and solved it within minutes when needed.

Let’s hope there are many Rose family outings like this in the future.

Moira and Alexis

Moira Rose in "The Bachelor Party"
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Besides the bachelor party, Moira and Alexis were also busy recording an audio spot for good old Larry Air.

After her big decision to not return her soap last week, Moira sort of self-sabotaged this voice recording job, criticizing every line along the way. Alexis was hilarious trying to mimic her mother’s voice. Did Ronnie get into Moira’s head a little when they were talking about her walking away from the show? Will Moira regret her decision? Ronnie pointed out that Moira has been trying to get back in the limelight since she came to Schitt’s Creek. Perhaps the Rose family matriarch has learned to appreciate where she is and the people around her.

It was great to see Alexis not only out of her pajamas, but back in action as a publicist.  But is Schitt’s Creek the right place for her to spread her wings in this new role? Probably not, since there is just one celebrity that is living there. Maybe it is indeed time for Alexis to move back to the city. But with the amazing character growth she’s had through the years, we can be confident that she will be a new woman. And Schitt’s Creek will always be her home, since she now is closer to her family forever.

When Alexis was wandering the world before on all the adventures she is always mentioning, she was looking for something. But it seems that she has now found it, in herself. With the series finale we may see her leaving, but to live her as the strong, smart and confident woman we know her to be.

The Investor

Johnny has a lead on an investor for their motel franchise. I loved how he was so excited and everyone else was so “meh” at first, but by the end of the episode they were all excited. Let’s be honest, Johnny leaving that voicemail is all of us every time we have to actually talk on the phone these days. This is why we send texts.

At the Bachelor Party, it was hilarious that Johnny was the only one in his family that followed the no phone rule, but it inspired Alexis to show off her greatness. Here’s hoping they get their Rose Bud Motel franchise before the series is over.

It’s amazing how much the writers of this show fit into just over 20 minutes of run time. Every week we get little hints as where these characters might be at the end of the series. Only three episodes left, and we are far from ready to say goodbye.

Schitt’s Creek airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on PopTV.

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