'Supernatural' 15x12 Review: "Galaxy Brain"

‘Supernatural’ 15×12 Review: “Galaxy Brain”

Supernatural’s “Galaxy Brain” saw God destroying whole worlds because he’s bored and trying to prove a point. Been there, done that, so over it already. It also saw the return of our beloved Jody Mills aka another participant of the going away tour of characters that are returning to grace us with their presence one last time. But it’s all overshadowed by what’s happening in the real world and what that means for the ending we’ve been waiting over a decade for.

Let’s dive into Supernatural’s “Galaxy Brain”!

God is An Asshole

Yes, I said what I said. Sure, it confused my mom when she read it over my shoulder but the sentiment still stands. God is an asshole and he’s got a world of trouble coming for him when Jack is fully operational and powerful enough to take him down. And frankly, I can’t wait. 

The whole God storyline has been taking too long in my book. Yes, he’s God. And yes, he’s the big fish of this all. But why is it taking so damn long? Maybe this is just me worrying about the fact that they suspended filming because the world is in a shit storm. But I can’t help but worry especially with what God is doing.

He’s bored. And boredom breeds all sorts of trouble in regular ol’ humans. It’s a whole different thing when the one bored is the top dog of it all. Frankly, I can’t believe that he’s destroying worlds that aren’t entertaining enough for him. I shouldn’t be surprised at everything he’s doing but my optimistic little heart is shocked at the lengths he’s willing to go to prove a point.

That’s why Billie’s involvement has me so excited. Someone is going to reap God and the countdown has begun!

Wayward Sisters is Still a Possibility

If there’s anything that “Galaxy Brain” has taught me it’s that there is still much love out there for the idea of Wayward Sisters. I see it every time Jody or Donna pop onto the scene in Supernatural and every time they bring up storylines or characters that were on the Wayward Sisters spin-off back door episode.

Having Jody once more on Supernatural did feel like a send off, there’s no doubt about that, but it also felt like a reminder, a call to fans to remember and rally around the idea of Wayward Sisters. Maybe if The CW gave it a go-ahead it can be a way to send off Supernatural when it comes back for its finale when production starts again?

I don’t know if it’ll work but I’m still up for more Wayward Sisters and I think the Supernatural fam is still rallying behind it. Just go on Twitter and look up Wayward Sisters or Wayward Daughters. There are people, communities even, that have come together because of the connection this show has given them.

Why not give that community another chance when it comes to Wayward Sisters?

We’re here and ready for it, I promise.

The Ending That We’ll get vs. The Ending We Deserve

I can’t help but be sad while writing this review. I want to focus on what happened in the episode, who we saw return, and what sets the stage for the rest of the season, but I can’t help but think about everything that’s been happening in the news when it comes to the coronavirus and what it means for Supernatural.

Just to be clear, the health and safety of everyone involved is paramount and my first priority. But that doesn’t mean I can’t help but feel sad that after 15 years, the end that we’re going to be getting will not be the full story. It’ll just be a piece of it. And with God being the mega asshole that he is, I wanted more.

For now, I’m just going to have to make due like everyone else in the Supernatural fandom and hold their collective health above everything else. Because that’s what really matters at the end of the day: that every actor, crew member, writer on the Supernatural show stays safe and stop the spread of the coronavirus.

And on the bright side, there’s always fanfiction. Bright, creative, and talented writers of fanfiction have filled in plot holes with their work and maybe they’ll do the same when it comes to Supernatural and the ending we deserve instead of the one we’re going to get. Until then, I’m going to keep watching and supporting Supernatural.

Supernatural airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.

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  1. I can’t say I think that the backdoor pilot whetted my appetite for more Wayward Sisters– post-Bobby, Sioux Falls seems to be where SPN sends characters it doesn’t know what to do with, which doesn’t promise great things for their potential in a spinoff. But I agree about the Chuck storyline and the season’s pacing. The writers’ insistence on maintaining an in-universe masquerade of normalcy keeps most of the really big villains from paying off– Apocalypse!Michael didn’t wipe out any major cities, American politics somehow reverted to its real-life players after the brothers drove Lucifer out of President Rooney, and Lucifer and Michael’s meeting in season 5 didn’t even topple the gravestones in Stull Cemetery. “Here, have some destruction in a side story, because we don’t have the nerve to upend the game in the prime ‘Verse!”

    What the show does *incredibly* well is building up the fates of individual characters. Season 3 is as suspenseful as any, and its A-plot is saving Dean– one man– from Hell. The best moments of season 14 hinged not on whether or not Jack would destroy the world, but whether or not the brothers could live with what he was becoming. There’s a good, classic-SPN story lurking between the lines of season 15, too, as the Winchesters have to deal with Jack continuing to change into a cosmic being. Unfortunately, the writers don’t seem as interested in that story as they do in a checklist of ideas that may sound cool in and of themselves (meteorites! Giant storms! Dean being a good singer!), but that don’t enhance the specific setting and characters of Supernatural.

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