‘Supernatural’ 15×12 Review: “Galaxy Brain”

'Supernatural' 15x12 Review: "Galaxy Brain"
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  1. Dreams of Ghosts and Stars says:

    I can’t say I think that the backdoor pilot whetted my appetite for more Wayward Sisters– post-Bobby, Sioux Falls seems to be where SPN sends characters it doesn’t know what to do with, which doesn’t promise great things for their potential in a spinoff. But I agree about the Chuck storyline and the season’s pacing. The writers’ insistence on maintaining an in-universe masquerade of normalcy keeps most of the really big villains from paying off– Apocalypse!Michael didn’t wipe out any major cities, American politics somehow reverted to its real-life players after the brothers drove Lucifer out of President Rooney, and Lucifer and Michael’s meeting in season 5 didn’t even topple the gravestones in Stull Cemetery. “Here, have some destruction in a side story, because we don’t have the nerve to upend the game in the prime ‘Verse!”

    What the show does *incredibly* well is building up the fates of individual characters. Season 3 is as suspenseful as any, and its A-plot is saving Dean– one man– from Hell. The best moments of season 14 hinged not on whether or not Jack would destroy the world, but whether or not the brothers could live with what he was becoming. There’s a good, classic-SPN story lurking between the lines of season 15, too, as the Winchesters have to deal with Jack continuing to change into a cosmic being. Unfortunately, the writers don’t seem as interested in that story as they do in a checklist of ideas that may sound cool in and of themselves (meteorites! Giant storms! Dean being a good singer!), but that don’t enhance the specific setting and characters of Supernatural.

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