Cardi B Has Questions For The Government

In this time, we all have a lot of worries and questions. Some of us voice those concerns and some of us don’t. But I think that I can safely say that we all want answers and to know what is going to happen in the future.

Because we are scared.

Look, I know that we don’t report on Cardi B, but the truth is that I watch her Instagram on the daily and I do think that her bluntness and the way that she looks at the world is a valid way to look at the world.

And I appreciate her using her platform to ask all of the questions that wouldn’t be answered for a lot of us.

She’s speaking out and spoke out in an Instagram Live on Saturday (March 21) with her suspicions about what the government is doing in this pandemic.

“I watched a YouTube video…it’s like a little documentary they did in Wuhan, China. When they put Wuhan, China in quarantine…they were spraying shitt in the streets. They were knocking on each door taking people’s temperature,” she said.

“My thing is while we’re quarantined at home, what is the government doing? Are y’all spraying shit in the street, are y’all gonna one by one take our temperature to see if we got it? How am I supposed to know that I have the Coronavirus?” she continued.

Her questions are valid. I know a lot of people that have thought them because we’ve had conversations about them.

Do you agree with Cardi? Disagree?

Let us know.

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  1. Period hands down they need to stop doing the devil’s work sad United we stand

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