‘Schitt’s Creek’ Episode 6×12 Review: “The Pitch”

A few people from the Schitt’s Creek community ventured to the Big Apple in this week’s episode, “The Pitch” and their meeting had all the main characters thinking about their futures.

This was the third to last episode of Schitt’s Creek (grabs tissues), and this week set us up for what’s to come.

Trip to the City

Roland is excited about the trip to New York.
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Johnny, Stevie and Roland head to New York for their meeting with the big investor. It was cute how nervous the latter two were, but they still went ahead and did it anyway. As soon as the assistant said Johnny’s friend wouldn’t be there, it was clear that this was just a charity meeting and they would not be taken seriously.

It was heartbreaking to see them try so hard for an audience of young businessmen and women who were just mocking them behind their backs. The three of them nailed that presentation, and deserved the investment.

Kudos to Roland for sticking up for Johnny. Even though he gives the older man a lot of crap, it was nice to see that he ultimately respects him.

When they got the investment from the fledgling firm, it was interesting that Stevie was the one that talked Johnny into it. She has been learning business from him and is now offering her own opinion on things. The last few episodes have really shown her stepping up into the strong and powerful businesswoman we know she can be.

Next week’s episode is called “Start Spreading the News,” so we could see more on whether this influx of money means the Rose family is moving to New York or not.

Stress on the Homefront

The family waits for the group's return from New York.
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Everyone adorably lined up with signs to see them off to NYC. Did anyone else feel like they were part of that line of people rooting them on? Just us?

Moira was already putting a lot of pressure on them to be a success. Her moods throughout the day were quite the roller coaster. She was so sure that they would get the money and move to New York that she started packing, but then she later started to panic that it would not happen at all.

Moira has wanted to leave Schitt’s Creek from the moment she arrived, but is this move really endgame for her and Johnny? They have firmly laid down roots in that community, and it’s hard to see them leaving any time soon. Maybe in the finale Moira will finally realize she’s right where she belongs.

Alexis is also taking advantage of her family’s possible move to come along for a life in New York as well. We saw last week that she was thinking about going to a bigger city for job opportunities, so whether her family moves or not, that is probably where she will end up. The question is – will she be able to go without her family as a safety net.

Trouble in Paradise

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While Alexis was apartment hunting, trouble was brewing between David and Patrick. Things have been simmering for a while, with David spending more and more on an extravagant wedding and Patrick wanting things simpler.

But when David jumped on the opportunity for them to move to NYC without even consulting Patrick, things started coming to a head. Patrick rightly points out that their lives and business are both in Schitt’s Creek. Patrick doesn’t seem like a big city type, so David will have to decide what’s more important to him – his former glamorous life, or the one he’s built since his family lost everything. We think he should go with the latter, of course.

Though the topic is just sitting for now, the episode ended with tension between the two. Patrick decidedly looking unhappy. He spoke up a little this episode, but will we see more next week? These two need to be on the same page. One of the best things about Patrick is how much he appreciates David, just as he is. But that doesn’t mean that his hopes and wishes should be ignored either.

Hopefully they have their much-needed argument and resolution in the next episode, because we need that beautiful wedding in the finale. This show had better end with our OTP happily married, or we riot.

Schitt’s Creek airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on PopTV.

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