‘Schitt’s Creek’ Episode 6×13 Review: “Start Spreading the News”

It’s here, everyone. The beginning of the end of Schitt’s Creek. This week’s episode was the first of the two-part finale, with the show ending next Tuesday. As predicted, we are all a giant mess of feels about saying goodbye to the Rose family.

They packed so many emotional moments into this episode that we practically went through a whole box of tissues. Dan Levy wrote a beautiful episode that captured moments that reminded us of just why we all fell in love with this show.

Plus, this episode also gave us this fabulous muppet-looking hat of Moira’s to always remember her by.

Moira in "Start Spreading the News"
Source: PopTV

Friendship Goals

Alexis and Twyla in this episode are so sweet, and made us all wish we could see more of this pair. And Twyla being a secret millionaire this entire time? Absolutely perfect. Of all the characters on the show, she has been the most consistently sweet and kind. She deserves all the joy in the world. Or to own the café, which is just as fitting.

Alexis being so encouraging of Twyla to spend the money on something nice for herself shows just how much she has changed through the years. If she had found out in the first season, Alexis would have cozied up even more with Twyla to find a way to help her spend all that money. Now she was offered some of it as an incredibly sweet gesture, and our girl turned it down.

Alexis wants to make it on her own in New York, and we couldn’t be prouder of her.

Rose Family Foundation

The Rose family's pizza party in "Start Spreading the News"
Source: PopTV

We also saw what will become of the Rose Budd motel group in the future. Stevie and the Schitt’s will stay behind and be the local arm of the business, and Johnny was slated to go to New York to represent them.

Can we just say that we appreciate how Johnny did not really skip a beat when he heard Moira’s big news? She finally got all her demands met to lead the reboot of her soap that would take her to L.A. This could be a point of drama, but the Roses just said they would work the distance out. And they had a solution by the end of the episode

This time, instead of Moira supporting Johnny in his career, he is making the move to L.A. to be with her and do his business from there. We stan a man who supports his wife’s happiness over his own.

That Rose family pizza dinner where they all knew they would be going their separate ways soon gave us so many feels. This family came to Schitt’s Creek as almost strangers, but they will leave it being more important to each other than ever before. Each of them will part knowing that they will always support one another.

Home is Where Your Heart Is

Stevie is a great friend to David in "Start Spreading the News"
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Look, when David cries, we all cry. Those are just the rules. The David and Patrick storyline in this episode was such a roller coaster of emotions. First, when we heard that Patrick was looking at a house for them – we all screamed with joy. We cannot get enough of David calling Patrick his husband already.

Parick told David he would move to New York City because he wanted to make the love of his life happy. While this is sweet, he doesn’t deserve to be unhappy either. And then they hit us with another punch with David sitting in front of THE house with tears in his eyes.

That conversation with Stevie was some of the best writing in the show. We geo insight into David’s motivation to move – to show all those who were mean to him that he won. Stevie wisely pointed out that between the house, true love, and the friends he has there, David has already won.

Stevie deserves all the credit dropping all those truth bombs on David. He doesn’t need those fake “friends” from his former life. Stevie is the best friend he’s ever had, and probably the first true one. Side Note: How cute did Stevie look dressed more professionally? True to their friendship, the conversation ended with them annoying each other. Stevie and David are one of the best relationships on the show, and we are happy that we will end the show with the knowledge that their friendship will continue.

The scene where David tells Patrick that they should stay in Schitt’s Creek was so sweet. The two of them are truly our OTP. Next week is their big wedding, and based on the number of tears we shed during this episode, we are all going to be hot messes.

Schitt’s Creek airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on PopTV.

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