When is TV going back to Normal? No one knows

It’s the Wild Wild West out there, people. And it’s getting wilder by the second.

Consider this: the coronavirus pandemic has, with very good reason, shut down TV. Nothing new is being filmed. A lot of shows didn’t get to finish their current seasons, which means we won’t get answers about some stuff that’s been set up.

Worse than that, some shows won’t even get the finale they planned to tell: Empire will end early, with a re-worked finale, and Supernatural has already stopped airing new episodes, hoping they can, at some point, go back and film the ending they planned.

And we haven’t even gone into new shows!

That Pilot you were excited about? It hasn’t been filmed yet. Which means it hasn’t been picked up, and it’s unlikely you will see it on TV this fall. Shows that got a straight-to-season order might make it, but very little else.

Which leaves us in uncharted waters? When – not if, when – we get out of this, what does the entertainment industry look like? Can networks afford to cancel shows, even under-performing ones, when they won’t have any new ones to fill those spots?

Plus, will those shows even come back in time?

“It’s more and more [unlikely] that we’re going to be able to get back to full normal life… before at least the summer, and then we need to start preparing ourselves for the potential of a second wave in the fall,” British Columbia provincial chief health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry told reporters on Tuesday.

That would impact Vancuver based shows, which usually start production in late June/early July. And this seems to be the standard for the industry. Of course, some of those shows have held some episodes back, and some have scripts already ready, which means the delay would, hopefully, not be as big.

So, no, we don’t have answers, but we think it’s time we all start preparing for a very different year, entertainment wise. It’s time to go back and watch that show you were meaning to get to. It’s time to re-watch our favorites.

The shows we know and love might have to wait a bit.

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