‘Schitt’s Creek’ 6×14 Review: “Happy Ending”

This week’s episode of Schitt’s Creek featured the wedding we’ve all been waiting for, and the bittersweet ending to the show we’ve all come to love.

While we may not be ready to say goodbye, alas, this day still came. At least we got to see our OTP wed and all our favorite characters happy. Take note, other writers, this is how you end a series. And while we started crying about three minutes in, there were still a lot of moments that made us laugh and smile in the finale.

Wedding Planners

It wouldn’t be Schitt’s Creek if the wedding of David and Patrick went off without a hitch. It started with a thunderstorm that rained out all of David’s big plans for an outdoor wedding. While there was never a big argument about how his dreams were excessive – it seems that Mother Nature was the one who decided he needed something simpler.

While it would have been really fun to see David and Patrick get married in the Schitt’s living room, the town hall was the better choice. What a lovely send off to the show to have the entire town chip in to make the big day possible. Except Gwen, of course, because she’s never coming back, Bob, sorry.

Because they had to put everything together, the event became not just about David and Patrick, but the family they had built in the community.

Alexis Realizes the Truth

While I thought that it might be Johnny and Moira that came to this conclusion, it was actually Alexis that came to the realization that their lives are much better since they lost all that money.

We can’t help but agree with Alexis. They are all much closer and each member of the Rose family has improved their situation. Johnny now has a solid partnership with Stevie and the Schitt’s, and his marriage to Moira is stronger than ever. Alexis went to college and started her own business. David now has his store and found Patrick. They would all still be living their superficial lives if they hadn’t lost everything. The character growth that happened over a span of six seasons was inspiring to watch.

Alexis getting emotional and talking to her mother was so sweet. Moira, of course, tried not to show any emotions. But she can’t fool us, we heard that crack in her voice. Now that David is putting down roots in Schitt’s Creek, the Rose family has a home there. Even when most of them move away.

Wedding Attire

The two funniest moments of the episode involved wedding attire, but even through the humor there was emotion.

Alexis wore a wedding dress to the wedding, and the conversation when David saw her in it was absolutely priceless. Her denial, including describing how the veil was not a veil, was quality television. Especially when she was walking David down the aisle to give him away, and she looked like the bride. But in the end, she realized the error of her ways and felt bad about it.

The conversation between her and David before going down the aisle also had us in tears. These two went from total disgust of each other (ew, David) to absolute love and pride. We love a good sibling pairing, and these two are the best.

Moira finally topped the wedding attire competition with a priest hat and a wig that was, well probably one of her best of the entire series. Her appearance at the wedding had us laughing through our tears. Which is ironic, because Moira also gave the entire ceremony through tears, her mascara running down her face.

Same, Moira, same.

Not So Happy Ending

The one glitch in the wedding episode (besides the rainstorm) was the “happy ending” that David received from the massage therapist that Patrick hired to relax him before the wedding. The whole storyline felt a little weird and slightly icky on their wedding day.

While there were humorous moments when they talked about it and it led to that cute line in David’s vows, we could have lived without this entire side plot.

Still, true to the amazing open communication in their relationship, Patrick and David talked about the issue and resolved it right away. All while Stevie laughed at them in the background. When we think wistfully about Schitt’s Creek in the future, we will do so with the knowledge of the three of them continuing this pattern for all eternity.

Wedded Bliss

As predicted, the wedding sent us into an emotional ball of feels that we have yet to recover from. Despite David’s plans being ruined, everything was absolutely perfect. We reached for the tissues when the Jazzagals got up to sing, and had already gone through several by the time they broke into “Simply the Best” for David to walk down the aisle.

How dare Stevie cry the entire time and make us feel things? And everyone else too? So rude!

Patrick’s vows were the highlight of the entire show. Singing Mariah Carey to David is the perfect way to express love to him. And it was a bonus that we got to hear Noah sing one more time before the show ended. And you know the rule – when David cries, we all cry. So of course, we lost it once again when his voice cracked during his vows. His line about feeling safe when he is with Patrick broke us. David has such a bravado, but he is a soft cupcake on the inside.

Moira trying to keep it all together was just the comedy that we needed to keep us alive, because we were all close to going over the edge from our feelings. Also, did anyone think David’s eyes closed smile at people on the way out of the church looked a lot like an expression Alexis would make?

Time for Goodbyes

“Room 7 needs a turndown.” Are they trying to kill us with this script? The last few scenes were a lovely way of saying goodbye to the show. While all of the younger crowd hadn’t gone to bed yet from the wedding festivities, all the viewers were still hungover from their wedding emotions. It took a moment to realize, wait, this is it. This is goodbye.

When the Rose family gave their parting hugs, it felt like we were just as much a part of that family. And how appropriate was that group hug between Patrick, David, Alexis and Stevie as the parents drove away. All of them are children to Johnny and Moira in some way, and it was fitting for them all to be there to see them off. We love how the Rose family has grown by two members.

And really, its grown by more, if you include the entire town. The Schitt’s Creek sign now bears the faces of the Rose family, making them a part of the community forever. As fans, we will be part of that community forever as well. Whenever we are feeling sad and need to smile, we can just start a rewatch and visit again. (Or you can read our roundtable about some of our favorite things on the show.)

This episode wasn’t perfect, but it was close enough. And one of the better ways to end a series that we’ve ever seen.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Schitt’s Creek for all they’ve accomplished.

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