‘Nancy Drew’ 1×18, “The Clue in The Captain’s Painting” Review

Well, guys we have reached the end of the season for ‘Nancy Drew as with most shows, the season was cut short due to COVID-19. However, this episode really worked as a finale, mainly because it opened up another mystery and put everyone’s lives in danger once again. Good job writers. While it was not the most exciting episode of the series, it answered a few of my lingering questions, gave one character some closure and we finally learn that Dead Lucy’s brother is not a ghost, he just keep coming back like Jason VI. Owen is really dead, and that was hard to accept, I kinda thought he might reappear, but that never happened. That damn Agalaeca sea demon showed back up and interestingly chose not to kill anyone, yet. More on that later, for now, lets dive into ‘Nancy Drew‘ “The Clue in the Captains Painting.”


Owen Is Really DEAD

I don’t know about you all, but I held out hope that Owen wasn’t really dead, or Nancy would find a way to bring him back from the shadow realm but none of those things happened. Bummer. Nancy was physically distraught, and you know if truth be told, she was probably worried that she was about to be arrested AGAIN. Me too girl. You know who else I felt bad for? Bess. Poor girl has been trying to fit in with her new family and make a good impression but nothing keeps going right for her lately. Owen actually liked Bess and helped her and now he’s gone.

Lisbeth and Bess seem headed for trouble, since Lisbeth is the lead investigator on this case and well, we all know Bess likes to keep secrets. I bet they will diver deeper into their romantic tension next season, I like Lisbeth and I want her to stick around. Plus Nancy needs someone on the inside of the police force, someone she can trust. Lisbeth and Nancy are both smart and realize that Owen was murdered by an actual person, not a ghost. So I say we keep Lisbeth for now.

Georgia Makes Peace With Her Past

I wanted to do a hand clap for Georgia, because let me tell you, it took a lot for her to confront Ryan Hudson, and tell him how he victimized her when she was a young girl. What a Creep! He is a child molester. He cheated on his wife with a high school girl, one of Nancy’s friends no less and did’t care about the consequences it would have. Georgia has many issues because of her past with Ryan and it’s not fair and it should have never happened.

Georgia owned it though and told him that she was no longer a victim and he had no power over her anymore. Yassss! Georgia, you still need therapy but good for you girl! Fuck Ryan Hudson. Yes he apologized and he acknowledged how wrong their relationship was, but he never really took responsibility and Georgia let his ass have it! I was beyond excited for her to let him have it. We all know she can’t fully commit to Nick because of Ryan and she won’t even let Nick touch her in public because she is so used to being the side chick. WTF? I mean damn. Can someone hug her? Then stomp Ryan’s Ass. How is he Nancy’s bio dad? It’s still gross.

The Agalaeca is Coming for Everyone

I’m so tired of this damn sea monster I can’t even begin to tell you. What the hell does she want? Death to all who summon her. Why? She actually helped Nancy find Dead Lucy’s bones, and now she’s pissed off? Why is she angry? My first guess was because she did’t get the chance to murder Owen, Nancy’s uncle took care of him. Damn Nancy, almost everyone in your family is crazy. We all remember Nancy having a vision that Owen was going to die at the hands of the Agalaeca but she was robbed of that soul, so now I guess she’s out to kill ALL of Nancy’s friends.


No one is safe from her wrath, not Nick and Georgia who see them selves drowning, not Ace who’s death is pretty gruesome, meat hook through the chest and all, I had to avert my eyes. Bess catches on fire and Nancy jumps off of a cliff. The thing is, this sea demon had the power to kill them last week and didn’t. Why? I found that intriguing, maybe this Agalaeca wants Nancy’s help too, she did used to be a real person before she died. I would be on board with Nancy exploring her next season, I kinda dug the mystery of who she was before she became an angry sea demon.

Nancy Drew has always had supernatural elements and I’ve said all season it reminds me of Buffy. This episode was no different, especially the ending when Bess is looking at her family’s heirloom paintings and notices the Agalaeca is painted in one and looking at her, not to mention the painting was made by one her ancestors. This was not a coincidence and I am pumped to learn what dark secrets the Marvin’s have. They are probably like Dark Shadows. I freaking love it, and I love this show.

Nancy Drew airs at 9/8C on The CW.

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