‘Riverdale’: The Time is Finally Right for Barchie

I can still remember the first time I watched the Riverdale pilot. It was at San Diego Comic-Con’s preview night, and I was headed into it without any expectations. I left impressed. I loved how they remained true to the comic characters – with a twist. I loved the friendship between Betty and Veronica – I remember being excited that they weren’t turning the two against each other over a guy. That guy, of course, being Archie.

But I also remember watching best friends Archie and Betty, the girl that was in love with him, thinking to myself – these two are going to end up together. Maybe not right now – because the timing wasn’t right for both of them – but there will be a time when they’ll both be ready to take things to the next level romantically.

Archie and Betty’s timing hasn’t been right…until now.

Archie and Betty are, after all, destined to be together. Just look at the comics.

Although, as I’ll attest to, being comic canon doesn’t always translate to television canon. Barchie is the perfect example of when comic canon can actually work. When making this comparison, the immediate non-comp is Arrow’s Oliver and Laurel, who never once made sense or worked as a couple on that show.

Oliver was cheating on Laurel with her sister, she told him that she wished he’d died on that boat, and it was evident from the pilot that there was no way these two could ever work. Oh, not to mention, there was ZERO chemistry between them. Seriously, watching them in any kind of forced romantic situations felt like watching paint dry – unwillingly. They were doomed from the start.

Archie and Betty, however, they’re everything Lauriver weren’t. They have the history – best friends that grew up together and know each other better than anyone. There’s a genuine love and support system there. Their future wasn’t ruined before it could ever happen. Their chapters are waiting to be written. Oh, and they have the chemistry Lauriver could only dream of.

I didn’t think I could feel feelings for Riverdale again. That is, until Riverdale finally decided to do justice by Archie and Betty and explore their romantic feelings in these last few episodes of season 4. It’s something that both came out of nowhere and makes a ton of sense.

I didn’t think it was possible for me to fangirl over Riverdale until this storyline.

I’m a firm believer that timing is everything. There’s a right time and a wrong time for everything. But just because your timing isn’t right at this moment doesn’t mean it won’t be down the line.

That’s the case for Archie and Betty. Just like Archie wasn’t ready in season one and Betty isn’t ready at this moment, there will be a time when they’re both on the same page. And, unlike previous seasons, that time is closer than many could imagine.

Especially given that we’re approaching the end of high school and collegiate futures where everyone is going to go their separate ways. There are theories that Riverdale will have a time jump in season 5, which makes a ton of sense. After college, where our core four haven’t seen each other. After a few years, where old feelings rise to the surface. It could be setting the scene for an epic Barchie reunion, where they can finally explore their relationship without feeling guilty about sneaking behind Jughead and Veronica’s backs.

When you’re preparing for a monumental change in your life, it’s impossible not to think back on your life up to this point. All of the things you’ve done, the town you grew up in, the people that have been a part of it all. That’s what’s happening with Archie and Betty, who are realizing that they’re soon going to have to move on — in separate directions. It’s something that would make anyone wonder about all of the what ifs — and old feelings rising to the surface.

There’s something undeniable between Archie and Betty – something they can’t shake, even though they love Jughead and Veronica. But, believe it or not, you can love more than one person in your lifetime. I believe that you can love different people at different times of your life – from your first love to your true love — and it’s right at different times. Again — timing is everything.

I appreciate that Archie and Betty – well, Betty, really – nipped this in the bud right now, when they’re still dating other people. Otherwise, it would take away from their journey — make it more about the cheating and less about the love.

But that doesn’t mean that Barchie is over before it even started. Sometimes, the beginning of a story might look like the end. But you just have to play it out – appreciate where the journey takes you — and realize that your story was just beginning.

Riverdale owes it to Archie and Betty to explore their romantic feelings.

Four seasons into Riverdale, there are established couples. Archie and Veronica, which is comic-canon. Betty and Jughead, which wasn’t planned, but ended up bewitching the hearts of many. But these two couples have been together for most of these first four seasons, and it’s time to mix things up.

Here’s the thing with television, you can’t remain stagnant. You need to throw new wrinkles into the mix — try new things, cause more drama. And there’s no show that embraces the drama more than Riverdale. And the one thing that Riverdale hasn’t tried yet — I mean, tried for real — is the Archie and Betty pairing. Which is, honestly, way overdue at this point.

And with chemistry like this…

These two are responsible for making me feel things about Riverdale.

How could Riverdale pass this opportunity up?

While we got just a couple of episodes teasing a Barchie romance, their story is far from over. And knowing that this is just the beginning is exciting in so many ways.

You got me, Riverdale. I might just have to keep watching to see how this story plays out.

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