‘The Bold Type’ 4×11 Review: “Leveling Up”

My instant reaction when I learned The Bold Type was coming back was absolute elation. Like I just learned that some of my friends were visiting from out of town, and they had some life-changing news to share.

And boy, did they.

Following The Bold Type‘s midseason finale, we were left wondering what was to come in the next chapter of Jane, Kat, and Sutton’s lives. Especially considering all three ladies were facing some pretty big changes.

When we last left the girls, Jane was preparing to get a double mastectomy, Kat had been fired from Scarlet, and Sutton had just been married and named Scarlet’s newest junior stylist.


Safe to say, those were all major plot points in this midseason premiere, and somehow the premiere left me even more in shock.

So let’s check in with our wonderful Bold Type ladies following the midseason premiere.

Jane Doesn’t Feel Like Herself

Freeform/Jonathan Wenk

One of the things that I loved about this episode is how it didn’t gloss over what happened in the immediate aftermath of Jane’s double mastectomy. It’s something that this show does so well — taking the time to shine a light on storylines that educate and some people can relate to.

While I have no idea what Jane is going through, the one thing I wanted to tell her throughout this episode was that: “It’s okay not to be okay.”

Following her double mastectomy, Jane didn’t feel like herself. You could see it in the way she carried herself, how she was behaving, and in the many times she said those exact words.

After some time to recover from her surgery, Jane was determined to return to work, where a thrilling new opportunity awaited her — her own vertical. It’s a huge opportunity but there’s a lot of pressure that comes with it. Especially considering it’s set to launch by the end of the week.

Jane has been doing her research on two writers — a man that brings a unique perspective and a Gen-Z woman with her own allure. It’s the vision that Jane has for her vertical, and what she wants to say.

But as Jane is struggling with being comfortable in her new skin — with her new breasts — it’s affecting other aspects of her life. She just doesn’t feel like herself — body, mind, and soul. And it’s something that has affected everything from making small talk to doing her job.

Luckily, fate intervened, as she had an interview with this prestigious club known as The Belle, where her interview proved to be the very thing that got her back on track. She was asked to tell something about herself — aside from her professional side. Something that others wouldn’t know.

And Jane took the time to explain how very out of sorts she feels in her life right now following her surgery. She thought she would be ready to return to work, to be the boss. But she feels like she can’t be herself — whether that’s when she’s putting on her clothes or attempting to navigate aspects of every day life. “I don’t feel like me,” Jane says. “I just really wish I did.”

We’ve all had moments in our lives where we don’t feel like ourselves, for whatever reason that might be. Where we can’t be the person we know we are because something is eating at us. And sometimes it takes hearing it from someone else to realize that you’re going to be okay.

For Jane, that came during her interview with The Belle, where she was told that they liked that, no matter how Jane looked or felt, she was always herself. Which was the most important thing.

Look, one conversation isn’t a magic cure-all. And I certainly think we haven’t seen the last of Jane trying to get used to her new post-surgery life. But this was an important step for Jane — acknowledging that, while things have changed, she’s still herself underneath it all.

Sutton Establishing Herself In Her New Role

Freeform/Jonathan Wenk

Change can be terrifying, but it can also be exciting. For Sutton, she finds herself navigating being a wife and starting her new job as a junior stylist, something that she’s quite passionate about.

Sutton has always been a people person, and it’s what makes her so good at her new stylist job. While stylists are thought of as maintaining relationships with designers, Sutton understands the real importance of being a stylist. To make people feel good and confident. It’s just as much about the models wearing the clothes as the people designing them.

And considering Sutton’s first job got off to a rough start, she managed to handle it in her unique way which makes her damn good at her job. When a designer refuses to allow an actress named Mara to wear their clothes — she stole some at their last photoshoot — Sutton tries to do it another way. Different look, watchful eyes.

Turns out, Mara wasn’t given a fair shake. Yes, she did take some designer clothes with her that one time. But she had gone her entire life with her mom stealing from her that she wanted to take from someone else just once.

Sutton was moved by her story, and she didn’t feel like she helped Mara get her new mature image across. So she essentially stuck her neck on the line for Mara with the original designer and organized an on-the-spot photoshoot that involved Jane’s new club The Belle and an iPhone.

Seeing Sutton at work — and just how much joy she gets out of her job and making others feel good — was a reminder of why it would’ve been a horrible choice for Sutton to move to San Francisco. This is her dream, and she’s damn good at it.

Oh, and we can’t forget the newest change in Sutton’s life — as if she doesn’t have enough changes! SUTTON IS PREGNANT. Like holy hell. This girl is experiencing 10 years worth of changes within the matter of a month. Remember Sutton, change can be terrifying. But it can also be incredibly exciting.

Kat Finding Herself in Life After Scarlet

Freeform/Jonathan Wenk

Interestingly enough, when we first met these ladies, Kat was the one that had the most steady job and most success at an earlier part of their careers. Now, in this midseason premiere, Kat finds herself the one without a job. But she’s doing exactly what she loves — protesting the injustices in the world.

But, when it comes to her parents, they’re not exactly thrilled with her current path. Kat’s been out of her Scarlet job and protesting for a bit, and her parents need her to get back on track. Which she promises to do. And they give her an ultimatum — get a job that can pay for the mortgage or they’re going to rent the loft out.

So Kat gives in, as she doesn’t want to risk losing her loft, and goes to interview for a startup company. They’re impressed by her and the success she had at Scarlet, and they want her bad. It seems like a match made it heaven…until Kat reads the fine print.

Turns out, Kat isn’t allowed to make any political comments on her social media — even personal accounts — given that they have clients that range from Republicans to partners in China. But while she’s hesitant at first, they offer her a massive signing bonus to seal the deal. And it almost does the trick.


But Kat isn’t someone that’s going to let anyone silence her — whether it’s something bigger than herself or through her own beliefs and opinions. So she turns the job opportunity down because she’s not going to compromise her beliefs for anything.

Yes, that means giving up the loft, which she tells her parents to put up to rent. But there are things more important in life than just settling. Plus, now Kat gets to bunk with Jane, which is exciting. I’ve missed having a couple of the girls living under the same roof.

The Bold Type airs Thursdays at 10/9c on Freeform.


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