Fangirlish Reacts to …Lucifer Season 5 (5×08)

This is it, people! The new season of Lucifer comes out THIS WEEK. This weekend we’ll all be discussing 5A and looking forward to 5B. But, for now …you wait, and we …well, we want to give you a taste of what we’re feeling.

So I’ve joined my friend and fellow Fangirlish writer Raquel in this reaction video to a …well, to a particular scene from Lucifer 5×08, titled “Spoiler Alert.” In case you missed it, here’s our reaction to 5×07 “Our Mojo.” We’re not telling what scene, or what happens. You get no details other than …our reactions to what we’re watching.

Can you guess anything? Come share with us on twitter!

Lucifer Season 5 will be available August 21st on Netflix.

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