Halsey Set To Make Major Acting Debut Alongside Sydney Sweeney

Halsey has dipped her toes, no scratch that, her whole foot into any and everything she can, and now we can add dramatic actor to that list. Deadline just announced that Halsey will be co-starring alongside Euphoria‘s Sydney Sweeney in The Players Table a series based on the book They Wish They Were Us by Jessica Goodman.

I know Halsey has acted before, but this is different. Her previous roles have been mostly guest starring with the exception of her hosting SNL last year, which she nailed by the way. I may be a bit biased because I love Halsey in everything she does, but I don’t care. I’ve been wanting to see her in something with more meat and this is just the thing.

Here’s what the series is about:

Set at an exclusive Long Island prep school, high school senior Jill Newman (Sweeney) works to uncover the truth about her best friend’s death three years ago and the role she and her fellow “players” — members of the secret society that rules the school— may have had in it.

Halsey will play Rachel Calloway, a formidable, emotionally troubled young woman who ignites Jill’s journey of finding the truth behind Shaila’s murder. Once a legendary member of “The Players” who graduated three years ago, Rachel left the group and dissociated from her wealthy Long Island roots when her younger brother, Graham, was convicted for Shaila’s murder. She is brought back to Long Island by her conviction that Graham is not responsible for this crime. Together, Rachel and Jill join forces to embark on a quest for the truth of what really happened that night, with the hope to exonerate her brother before he turns 18.

I am way beyond excited about this and I will be grabbing Jessica Goodmans book so I can read it beforehand. My hope with this series is not only that it does well but, it shows people that Halsey really is an incredibly talented artist.

For those that don’t know, this won’t be the first time that Halsey and Sydney have worked together. Sydney was actually in Halsey’s music for Graveyard. Since then they have become friends, and she enjoyed working with Halsey so much that she reached out to her to join her in this new project.

Sam Dameshek

The Players Table will be produced under Sydney’s new company Fifty Fifty Films in a partnership with Jean-Marc Vallée and Nathan Ross’s Crazyrose and Endeavor Content. Halsey is also a producer of the series which is currently in development.

Are you excited to see Halsey in this new series? Tell us in the comments below!

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