‘New Amsterdam’ 3×01 Review: “The New Normal”

NEW AMSTERDAM -- "The New Normal" Episode 301
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  1. Shane says:

    You’re right about the coronavirus part. That said, the pilot\plane crash plot is a little over the top. To have the doctors block investigator access to a pilot who was involved with a plane crash is downright ridiculous. Before they knew anything. When physical evidence timeframe is limited. And for life to be seemingly so casual when such a major incident just occurred (even as they’ve battled through covid for eons)… just seems unrealistic. There’d be reporters and families and tons of attention, not just like two random NTSB investigators. That whole part of the show just seemed totally out of place in comparison to the well-written emotional look coronavirus in a hospital, and some of the other plots the show has had. It takes the over-the-top small disasters that have been a constant on hospital shows forever (Grey’s Anatomy, ER, Chicago Hope, etc, etc, etc) to a whole new and sillier level.

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