‘Chicago Fire’ 10×04 Review: “The Right Thing”

One Chicago Ships Check — In: October 13
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  1. Jean Fitzpatrick says:

    All of this is spot-on! The only part I will add is when Boden asked Gallo about the relief lieutenant, Gallo was extremely curious as to when Casey would be back…because it’s just better when he is. Severide, Hermann, Boden all agreed. WE all agree. Matt will find a way to get the Darden boys back to a true family; not that ‘neighbors, friends, teachers’ aren’t important, but the family of 51 are “firefighters for all firefighter’s children”.

  2. Lo Anne says:

    why are they setting up a Casey exit? We waited so long for the Sylvie spark…maybe its just for the drama..the chief is quite hunk but for someone else; not Sylvie

    Unless that guy stumbled into the wrong bar….he would know homophobia would not have been tolerated at Mollys…the scene didn’t end the way I thought it would….I was expecting a fight just probably something that ended in a cross over with PD as I love all one Chicago opportunities!!

  3. Toni A Vombrack says:

    Why are they ruining the show? Why do writers, producers and directors always want to fix what isn’t broke. Matt leaving they can’t be serious.i would have Brett be pregnant but Matt leaving, not good writing

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