‘Love is Blind’ Season 2: Episode 1-5 Breakdown

Love is Blind season 2
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  1. Aunt Silly Pants says:

    I agree with every point you made. First of all I can’t believe I watched all of season one and then I fell for season two. Most of the women I’ve seen on the shows are so spoiled rotten and needy in comparison to most of the guys. The guys seem way more interested in a forever relationship, in my opinion. My favorite couple is Sal and Mallory. This man goes over the top to be a romantic and I think he is a real catch. Mallory is blessed to have this man in her life. He is very sincere. Hopefully it’s forever. I think she brings a lot to the table too and wants to grow with him. Shayne and Natalie are my second favorite couple. I think she’s great! They definitely have a few issues. But, we shall see. I really like Jarrette and Iyanna, but I think there are some real issues with him being such a party guy. It won’t take long for that to drive a wedge in their relationship. Shaina drives me crazy. Who does she think she is? She constantly talks about being a Christian but I certainly don’t see any attributes in her character. I get very tired of all the F bombs. If she truly is walking with the Lord, why would she take Shayne aside and throw Natalie and them as a couple under the bus? She is a mess!

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