One Chicago Day Preview: Marina Squerciati, Jason Beghe and Gwen Sigan Talk Chicago P.D.

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  1. Rich says:

    I have mixed emotions after seeing this interview. As far as Burzek is concerned, I have gotten to the point of either 1) put them together or 2) break them up. This situation of their together but not together is frustrating. While Marina does say “maybe they need time a part,” it doesn’t feel like we are going to get a clear break, but just a variation of what we see now. I’m not thrilled about that.

    I am excited that Anna will be the major storyline to end the season as I have loved this storyline and Carmela Zumbado’s performance as Anna. I have always seen this as not just a Hank and Anna storyline, but the storyline that highlights Jay and Hank’s new relationship. That we know Anna and like Anna, (rather than a CI we barely know), raises the stakes on the decisions that will ultimately have to be made.

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