‘Star Trek: Picard’ 2×06 Review: “Two of One”

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  1. Dan McDonald says:

    Loved almost everything about this episode… except for the run time! I really enjoyed seeing them all at a gala event, even if they weren’t fully enjoying it. There was a nice little moment there between Raffi and Rios. And I really loved the conversation between Jean-Luc and Renée. That conversation was well-done I thought, from the moment he mentioned the shuttle and coaxed her into speaking about it. Brent Spiner’s being the awesome guy he is… but holy moly… Alison Pill just stole the show. I had no idea she had that extensive background in singing and that scene just totally blew me away. I loved her in The Newsroom and she is shining here through and through. Now I’ve got to wait a week for the next episode?! Gah!

  2. Bob McDaniel says:

    I’ve been thinking this through for a while since the first episode of Picard Season 2… Agnes is the new Borg Queen we saw in the first episode of this season. The clues? We don’t see her face, she doesn’t kill the crewmen, just stuns them, the wanted to join the Federation (at first?), the Borg ship isn’t a cube, and, of course, the final statement she said to Picard… “Look up”. Agnes as the queen knew she had to get things going by trying to take over the ship at first (I believe). And now that Agnes is “one” with the queen… I’m pretty sure I’m right… we’ll see.

  3. The Nerdy Blogger says:

    Yes to all! Mr. Nerdy Blogger and I were talking about this episode after my review was published and we talked about how the episode title, “Two of One” is not only a Borg name (think Seven of Nine), but refers to Agnes “sharing a body with her new friend.” It also could refer to Jean-Luc and Renée being of one family–two of one (family).

    Mr. Nerdy Blogger also started referring to the gala as “Astronaut Prom” and this will now be the only way I will speak of it again. Thank you for commenting! Lots of good insight here!

  4. The Nerdy Blogger says:

    Bob, I really didn’t want to buy that theory when I first read it on twitter, but the more I think about it, the more I’m scared of it being accurate. Fingers crossed that this is the particular event that needs to be changed. I adore Agnes and I don’t want her to stay Borg’d! Thanks so much for commenting and “engaging” in discussion!

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