The Trailer For ‘365 Days: This Day’ is Here And We Can’t Forget It, Unfortunately

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  1. Charles says:

    TW : Rape

    Thank you for that Fuck No, Cuz I needed that. I feel like I’ve been going crazy seeing how things like Twilight, 50 Shades, After, etc get dragged through the mud and yet something like 365 Days gets a pass is beyond baffling. I know that not everyone gave it a pass and there’s plenty of articles out there hitting it, But I have seen people who drag all the other stuff I mentioned for being Toxic, Abusive, Rape who go gaga over 365 Days.

    Also, I did have an explanation for why the first one did as amazing as it did on Netflix that Netflix seems to have not taken into account when Ordering these next 2 movies(Yes, Unfortunately Another One is On The Way): When 365 Days came out it was 2020 we were all locked up inside, things were shutdown for the most part and simply put, We Were Horny, Starved for Content and would latch onto anything Steamy at that point. Now things are opened up, Most to full capacity, People for the most part are going out and not locked up inside any more. The only similarity is, We’re still horny. That’s it. So it’ll be interesting to see how successful this one is.

    Also, and this isn’t implying Erin or anyone at Fangirlish or reading this article/comment don’t understand this but this needs to be said given how people do give 365 Days/This Sequel I’m betting a pass: If it starts as a rape, It ends as a rape. He kidnaps her. There is no consent in any of this, No matter how much the film tries to pretend there is. Kidnapping takes away any and all consent.

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