‘Scream 6’ With No Neve Campbell? May As Well Be Called ‘Random Slasher Sequel’

Neve Campbell not returning for Scream 6
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  1. Christian says:

    It literally is not gonna be worth watching with out Sydney’s character playing in it. I just honestly can’t believe they’re making another movie without her. I hate movie franchises that do that. I mean look at what they did with the fast & furious franise… they kept making more without the Paul walker , who was the main character. Ridiculous.

  2. Jon Leion says:

    I disagree! Terra,Kirby and Cotton Weary’s stabbings, attacks , presumed deaths are all identical! What if Cotton Weary was the Ghostface Killer in Scream 6? That would be AWESOME! As Randy said in Scream 3 “Everything You Think You Know is a Lie and it Always goes back to the Beginning “. This would be a great twist that nobody would expect or see coming!

    1. Shana says:

      I’ve actually come around to the idea of seeing what they do next more and more ever since the full trailer came out. It was REALLY hella interesting. I mean, it’s still never going to quite feel like a “true” Scream movie without Sidney Prescott for me, but you’re right. Twists are always possible, and who knows what we might learn that we thought we knew…and didn’t?

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