‘Chicago Fire’ 11×04 Preview: “The Center of The Universe”

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  1. Megan Hallisey says:

    Violet must have taken a shift off because I noticed that Brett has a temporary new partner in one of the pictures for next week’s episode. I did cry after last week’s episode. I did like Evan Hawkins, but for me to choose between Hawkins and Gallo, it is like asking me to choose between Casey and Severide. I like both guys. Both guys are handsome. I am hoping that Violet will get to mourn for Evan and not jump into another relationship right away. Let her work through her emotions and throw herself into work like Brett did after breaking up with Casey. Maybe there can be a girl’s night out or in with Sylvie and Violet with Stella and Chloe maybe even Emily, but that won’t happen. I miss Emily. Does anyone know if Fire Goat is going to come back: Violet’s, Ritter’s, and Gallo’s side beer business? Also, Violet can team up with Sylvie for a Paramedicine shift.

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