Movie Review: Passionflix’s ‘Torn’ Makes Us Want to Read the Books

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  1. Eve says:

    omg the wigs!!! so badly done and really distracting! Couldn’t they spring the budget for a decent lace front wig for the main character at least? Their wigs looked like something Tink bought on Amazon Prime for $9.99!
    The roof top scenes etc against the green screen! so bad! Makes me wonder how Passionflix allocates budgets, because this clearly was very limited, which is a shame because I do like the franchise in general (much more than Gabriel movies anyway).
    The movie did drag on a bit at some points but, much like in Wicked, Anna Maiche’s acting made up for everyone else’s slightly questionable acting. Liam Hall was definitely better in this film though but still not really sure if I believe their chemistry.
    All that said; it was enjoyable, easy watching, which i love Passionflix for. Looking forward to the 3rd film.

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