‘Leverage: Redemption’ 2×06 Review: “The Fractured Job”

Leverage: Redemption
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  1. jclk123 says:

    “The Fractured Job” is my favorite episode in the #Leverage and #LeverageRedemption series! #ChristianKane gave an absolutely poignant performance as #EliotSpencer, who is finally able to talk with his father after 30 years. Kane and #KeithDavid made an impressive, formidable, and truly believable pair! #GinaBellman’s excellent portrayal of #SophieDevereaux, worrying about Eliot becoming collateral damage as she worries about losing her own superpower, adds such depth to the story and demonstrates how much of a family the #Leverage team has become. I love the pairings in this episode: #SophieDevereaux and #HarryWilson; #Parker and #Breanna; #AlecHardison in space and the family back in space; and of course #EliotSpencer and his father Billy. I rarely cry at movies or TV shows, but the tears were flowing when I first watched this episode – and every one of the 10+ times I have watched it again and again. The original #Leverage series and this #LeverageRedemption reboot have what all shows should have: intelligent writing, first-rate actors who actually like each other, the perfect balance of drama and comedy, and the issues we are facing in real life being tackled and resolved by this family of #Robinhoodlums. If you watch only ONE show out of the 100+ episodes, please make it #LeverageRedemption season 2, episode 6, “The Fractured Job”. I think you will be surprised at the quality of the show – and may even want to see the other 100+ episodes.

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