‘Law & Order: SVU’ 24×09 Review: “And A Trauma In A Pear Tree”

Law & Order: SVU 24x09 Kelli Giddish as Detective Amanda Rollins, Mariska Hargitay as Captain Olivia Benson
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  1. Kavs says:

    I kinda enjoyed the splicing of the three stories. Coz on its own any one story would have wrapped up real quick.

    I hope Fin just gave cash card and not actual gene search site 😂

    The half sibling storyline seems like a logical place to explore for some drama. I think he is a child and can have lots of emotions about this, some of which will change when he gets older and sees the relationships in a bigger picture.

    My feminism also leaves for Elliot Stabler. Team feminist will save only one man in an apocalypse. It’s Zaddy.

    I really enjoyed Rollivia’s one last hurrah.

    At best, Noah now has a bigger family, think aunt/uncle/cousin dynamic, which he was sorely missing. Any single parent relies on extended family to be able to have some time for themselves. It didnt make sense for that to be her subordinates/coworkers (Rollins, carisi, fin) who would be equally/more busy than her on the field. It would be someone that wants to spend time with Noah, not someone who wants to do a favor for Liv.
    At worst, the other shoe hasn’t dropped yet. There was some off-vibe in the tiny choices the actors playing the family made.

    1. Shana says:

      I know we usually agree on a lot, but I’m going to have to disagree big time on Liv’s built family. Amanda, Sonny, and Find don’t love Noah and help take care of him because they want to do any favors for Liv. They love him both because they loved her first and because they love Noah for who he is now that they know him. The type of found family they’ve created doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but them either.

      And I’m well aware of what single parents do to raise their kids, as I was raised by one.

  2. Kavs says:

    And… It’s CANON now!!!
    Elliot was Olivia’s home. His marriage was the boundary that she wasn’t willing to cross. This sums up their whole relationship in 1.0.
    Same can be said about Elliot’s feelings.

    I hope she can yell at him now for leaving her without a goodbye (which he kinda already explained that if he had talked to her, he wouldnt have been able to leave), but still yell at him once to get it out of your system and then they can make up for good.

    1. Shana says:

      The “home” comments are so wild because it’s like…We’ve always known, but we’ve never heard it explicitly stated out of Olivia’s mouth. So, it was always canon and always NOT canon at the same time. If they don’t have an actual conversation in 2023, though, I give up.

  3. Kavs says:

    I know her work family is also family. But what also works here is that the half brother is close in age to Noah, and IF there is no additional drama, these two can have lot of fun together. So this family would be in addition to Fin, Amanda. And this allows for Noah to go visit for a whole week at a time, like school spring/winter breaks but adults still have to work (or resolve their issues with bald cop). All of this moot, when we find out all the sinister stuff that family was upto.

    Also, is it really possible to give up on Elliot and Olivia? I mean there has been a natural selection at work here in this fandom over 23 years. So those still here, they are resilient (crazy) and not going anywhere 😭

    1. Shana says:

      Ok. That’s fair and makes more sense. I’m not even mad he has a half brother, just that the way the introduction was done was very…not great for Olivia. And I’m SO sick of her being hurt over and over again. Like, yeah, it’s a drama. Things can’t always be happy. But my GOD.

      It’s probably not possible to give up on them. I can threaten it to make myself feel like there’s an exit strategy, though, right?

  4. Kavs says:

    Ha right 😂 so we can feel we are in control.

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