‘Chicago Fire’ 11×15 Review: “Damage Control”

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  1. Rich says:

    I agree with a lot of what you have said here. I am not a fan of Seager’s new look. That said, I like the idea of Carver and Seager. If nothing else, pairing Seager and Carver can keep Carver from having romantic feelings for Stella and that is a good thing. This also gives Seager a reason to come around, which is a positive as I have always liked Seager. I think Dylan is just passing through.

    Ritter did not have a lot of lines in this episode, but was a huge presence in this episode. I had a different reaction to the last scene with Herman and his kids, to me it was a warm moment that put a smile on my face. The youngest of the Herman’s coming up with a way to release his anger and everyone joining in was just great.

    I have always liked Kylie, but I hope they do not turn her into another Connie. I could not stand Connie.

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