Julie and the Phantoms Season 1 Review

Season one of Julie and the Phantoms just dropped on Netflix. Though the show may be aimed at kids, this charming musical comedy is worth watching no matter what age you are.

‘Stop and Fangirl’ Episode 107: ‘Julie and the Phantoms’ Review

Here at Fangirlish we continue to support your right to fangirl over any fandom you desire – whether that is a book, a TV show, a movie, or even sports. That’s why we have Stop and Fangirl! So you can feel…

‘Julie And the Phantoms’ Featurettes to Make You Smile

Need some Julie and the Phantoms love to get you through the day? We got that right here.

See ‘Julie And The Phantoms’ Perform “Edge of Great”

The music of #JulieAndThePhantoms is great. See the cast perform #EdgeOfGreat

5 Reasons Why Netflix Needs to Renew ‘Julie and the Phantoms’

We are obsessed with Julie and the Phantoms! Check out our list of 5 reasons why Netflix needs to renew JATP for a second season.

The 5 ‘Julie And The Phantoms’ Songs You Can’t Miss Out On

Everyone is rightfully obsessed with Netflix’s Julie and the Phantoms and, of course, the Julie and the Phantoms songs, and we’re no exception. The show is all about learning to move on, yes, but it’s also about making friends, about…

15 Phan-tastic Moments from Season 1 of ‘Julie and the Phantoms’

While we impatiently wait on news about a second season, check out our list of 15 phan-tastic moments from Season 1 of Julie and the Phantoms.

Welcome to Fanghoul! (An Introduction ft. Episode 3: Julie and the Phantoms.)

There’s just something about a global pandemic that makes one want to shout into the void about the things that make them happy – and that’s exactly what helped spawn our new, chaotic, baby podcast, Fanghoul! Fanghoul takes fandom, true…

I Will Go Down With This Ship: Julie & Luke Edition

I can’t help that I’m a sucker for paranormal romances…and Julie and the Phantoms’ Julie and Luke made it damn easy to love them.

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10 Actors We Swooned Over in 2020

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10 Scenes We Could Watch Over and Over

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Our Top 10 BroTPs of 2020

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Our Favorite Female Friendships of 2020

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New On Netflix This Week

Another week down, who knows how many more to go? And yes, you are not the only one who feels like they might have watched every show to ever exist. It’s just unlikely that you actually have. But it’s okay,…

‘Zero Chill’ Advance Review: A Little Fun Goes A Long Way

Netflix’s Zero Chill is just mindless fun, and we’re not saying that like a bad thing, not at all. We just need some every once in a while.

Gone Too Soon: The Order

We’re not surprised by THE ORDER cancellation, it wasn’t exactly reinventing the wheel, but its potential was definitely short lived.

New On Netflix in September

If you’re like us this is the time in your semi quarantine where you’re like, okay, give me new content, any new content, I’ll take it. So, you’re probably super excited to know what’s coming to Netflix next month. Netflix…

Fangirlish’s Top 11 Fandoms of 2020

It’s the first day of 2021 and we are still back in 2020. Because we didn’t want to choose our top fandoms Fandom. Sometimes it is a bitch and sometimes it’s that force of nature that makes you so happy…