Thor: Love and Thunder Releases New Trailer

Another Thor: Love and Thunder trailer, you say? Well, we can’t really say we’re complaining. Give us all the love and all the thunder.

New ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Pictures Gives Us More Muscles

The latest set of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ pictures are giving us even more muscles and we’re here for it.

‘Ms. Marvel’ 1×02 Review: “Crushed”

Ms. Marvel’s 1×02 “Crushed” focuses on a whole host of emotions, with subtle and specific references to the Pakistani-Muslim culture.

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Character Posters Are Here & Not Sexist AF

Thor: Love and Thunder really went and released the most colorful posters in existence. Oh, and there’s plenty of muscles.

‘Spider-Man: No Way Home – The More Fun Stuff Version’ Heading to Theaters

Spider-Man: No Way Home is returning to theaters with a More Fun Stuff Version. Read more about the re-release here.

‘Ms. Marvel’ 1×01 Review: “Generation Why”

Ms. Marvel’s 1×01 “Generation Why” emphasizes Kamala’s challenges of being a fangirling teenager in a quirky desi family.

Ms. Marvel: A Pakistani-Muslim Woman’s Expectations

Ms. Marvel is a notable milestone for South-Asian individuals everywhere, but it’s mainly a momentous occasion for Pakistani Muslims.

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Official Trailer Sets the Stage for Main Villain

The official trailer for ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ really is trying to make us ship Thor and Jane. Watch it here.

Matt Murdock Is Back: ‘Daredevil’ Series in the Works at Disney+

The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is coming back! There is a Daredevil series in the works at Disney+. Keep reading for the details!

‘Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness’ Review: But, Why?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is here, and we wish we could say we are not disappointed, but we truly, truly are.

All About America Chavez Before ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’

It’s a little too late to start watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe if you want to begin with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. But, it’s not a bad time to find a new favorite Marvel character. Xochitl Gomez…

‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ Banned in Saudi Arabia for This Reason?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has been banned in Saudi Arabia and many think it’s because of this LGBTQ reason.

Jane Foster Suits Up as Mighty Thor in First Teaser for Marvel Studios’ ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

The first teaser for Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder is here! Thor’s personal journey, Mighty Thor, King Valkyrie — what’s not to love? Check it out!

‘Moon Knight’ Review: Dark, Different and Wholly Captivating

Moon Knight is darker and more complex than anything Marvel has done before, but it’s still utterly captivating.

Marvel Studios Debuts Premiere Date and First Trailer for ‘Ms. Marvel’

It’s official; we now know when we will meet and fangirl with Kamala Khan! Read on to find out when Ms. Marvel debuts on Disney+ and watch the trailer!

Marvel’s Defenders Series and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to Stream on Disney+

Marvel’s Defenders series & Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will stream on Disney+ this month. Read on to find out which day and some of our theories!

New ‘Multiverse of Madness’ Trailer Unleashes the Scarlet Witch’s Chaos Magic on the MCU

The new Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness trailer is everything we could have ever wanted. No, we are not exaggerating. Read our reaction and watch it here!

Andrew Garfield Still Deserves an Oscar for Hiding His ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Involvement

Sorry, not sorry but we still think that Andrew Garfield deserves an Oscar for how he denied his involvement in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Why is this suddenly in doubt? Because of an interview with Lin-Manuel Miranda on The Tonight…

The Internet is Side-Eyeing the Hell Out of Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly really admitted, with her full chest, that she went to an anti-vaxxer rally and the internet isn’t having it.

Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, and Tobey Maguire Reunite To Talk About Playing ‘Spider-Man’

Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, and Tobey Maguire reunited to talk all about #Spiderman and how it all came together.

Andrew Garfield Wouldn’t Even Tell Emma Stone About His Return To ‘Spider-Man’

Emma Stone is a better person than us because if our ex lied to us, even due to NDA’s, we’d go for the jugular. She’s cool and was like “you’re a jerk”