On the season’s penultimate episode, The Handmaid’s Tale 2×12 “Postpartum,” the narrative’s attention expands beyond June and Holly to include Eden, Emily, and Nick. It is a wise set-up as it provides some relief from the emotional hyper-focus on our protagonist, while also linking us back to the core relationshipsRead More →


Here’s our weekly roundup of casting news from around the web the past week. Empire: Deadline reports that Nicole Ari Parker has been promoted to a series regular for the Fox show’s fifth season. The report says her character Giselle will step from her ex’s shadow to try to takeRead More →

Younger 5×04 “The Talented Mr. Ridley” balances the salty with the sweet but is still not satisfying enough to last the two weeks until the next episode. I’m hungry for more Younger! The Sweet Diana’s attempt to re-enter the dating scene with a games night ends up really crappy. Literally. AsRead More →

“It’s better that you don’t know your heroes, they could disappoint you,” My grandmother warned me when I was about nine years old, when I told her about my desire to meet a witch named Sabrina, some friends called Chadler, Monica, Ross, Rachel and Joey or a warrior named SailorRead More →

I have to be honest, I have been avoiding this review. The parallels between the real world and the dystopian nightmare on The Handmaid’s Tale are often uncanny. But, on The Handmaid’s Tale 2×10 “The Last Ceremony,” the content with Hannah and June is so similar to the forced separation happeningRead More →

Younger 5×03 “The End of the Tour” takes a pink highlighter and rests it on my most well-worn passages until it messily bleeds all over the words, then it rips out pages from my final chapters and crumples them up, tossing them lonely into the bin. This episode messes meRead More →

Production is starting to ramp up for new and returning series this fall. We’ve rounded up some  of the casting & renewal announcements made over the past week. Legends of Tomorrow: Courtney Ford will return as a regular for the time-traveling superhero teamup show, playing Nora Darhk – last seenRead More →

Hello and welcome back Siren fans! This week we got some backstory on Maddie, Ryn got questioned by the police, and Ben, Xander and stupid Chris went on a hunt – er um quest – for Donna. Ryn took a little bit of a backseat this week as other charactersRead More →

The second episode of season 5 of The 100, Red Queen, aired last night, and as I imagined it was much faster paced than the premiere episode. Not only was it more intense than the previous episode, it delivered a lot more feels. The second episode of the fifth season focusedRead More →

We’re counting down to the Season 5 premiere of The 100 with cast and creator interviews from Wondercon 2018 in Anaheim. Executive producer Jason Rothenberg gave us a little teaser about the prequel he’s been working on. “The thing that I love most about this show, really is that theRead More →

What a great week this has been to be a Bill Hader enthusiast. Not only was the news of Barry’s season two renewal on HBO the greatest, but if you’ve been paying attention, it looks like Bill Hader is in talks to portray an adult Richie Tozier in the secondRead More →

This week’s new Blacklist “Zarak Mosadek” dropped an absolute bombshell. After Liz and Aram followed a lead on Ian Garvey, they discovered that he checked in on the same woman at a restaurant every day. Liz thought this meeting had something to do with the Nash Syndicate, but the womanRead More →

Barry is a rollercoaster. There is no other way to describe the amazingly written, award-worthy incredible piece of storytelling that is this show. Every week we think this show is going somewhere, and while tonally and cinematographically it remains pretty solid, its ability to pull the rug from underneath usRead More →