Enter the Multiverse with First Trailer for Marvel Studios’ Animated Series ‘What If…?’

The Marvel shows on Disney+ keep coming! Check out the trailer, poster, & premiere date for Marvel Studios’ first animated series ‘What If…?!”

11 Animated Halloween Movies We Love

I love spooky movies and basically everything to do with Halloween. If you’re like me, then you’re probably always looking for your next movie to watch. You’re in luck, here’s a list of some must watch animated Halloween movies! It’s…

Several Marvel Films Get New Release Dates – Again

We know that it’s a first world problem that we’re not happy about movie release dates changing. We know that it’s necessary, and we shouldn’t complain about any of it. We understand why it’s happening. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse…

Channing Tatum Announces The Adaptation Of His Book ‘The One And Only Sparkella’

It’s pretty amazing that a book that Channing Tatum wrote for his daughter is becoming a movie… starring him.

‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Roundtable Interview: Rebecca Romijn

Next up in our series of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds roundtable interviews is Rebecca Romijn, who plays Number One aka Una Chin-Riley!

10 Underrated Movies of 2021

There is only so much time and so many movies to see that maybe you missed some this year. Check out our list of underrated movies of 2021!

‘Back to the Outback’ Review: Usual Lesson, Unusual Place

If animation is your thing, then the new Netflix film Back to the Outback is here to give the scary creatures their time to shine!

Miles Morales’ Story Continues in First Look at ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part One)’

Are you ready to see Miles Morales’ next adventure? We sure are! Watch the first look at Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part One)!

So Many Glass Slippers: What’s in a Cinderella?

Amazon recently released a new version of the classic fairytale Cinderella, starring Camila Cabello, newcomer Nicholas Galitzine, Billy Porter, and a lot of recognizable songs. The story of a girl forced into servitude by her stepmother until she catches the…

Get To Know Disney Villains With These Books Coming This July!

So much Disney stuff, so little time. But we’re willing to rearrange our schedule and make time for all of these things.

The 11 Best Movies to Watch on Halloween Day

Halloween is almost upon us! Are you stuck on what to watch on the big day? No problem! Here are eleven of my favorite Halloween flicks that you can queue up to round out Spooky Month.  The Adventures of Ichabod…

A-Z Movie Reviews: ‘Daria Is It Fall Yet?’

Welcome to A-Z Movie Reviews.  Every Sunday, for the next several months, I will be posting a review of a film in my home movie collection.  How it works is, I will be reviewing movies in alphabetical order until I…

In Defense of Ariel and ‘The Little Mermaid’

In an unusual pattern, from the premiere of Peter Pan in 1953 through the 1980s, Disney animation primarily centered mainly around bohttps://fangirlish.com/category/little-mermaid/ys and/or male animals – One Hundred and One Dalmatians, The Jungle Book, Robin Hood, The Great Mouse Detective,…

Why You Should Be Watching DC Universe

When I first heard that DC was starting its own streaming service, my reaction was “not another one!” My husband’s, however, was yelling “take all my money!” He watches all the DC animated films and shows, so the idea of…

“Batman and Harley Quinn” Brings The Fun Back To Gotham

Gotham is not and never will be Mayberry. If it was, it wouldn’t need a Dark Knight. But after years of making dark animated films, Batman’s creative team lightened up and had fun with the newest DC Universe Original Movie,…

Please Cast Someone Besides KJ Apa in the Live-Action ‘Hercules’

If we’re thinking about choices for the live-action ‘Hercules’ we have some ideas besides the obvious choice of KJ Apa.

See The Teaser For ‘Strange World’

We’ll overlook the fact that this has Jake Gyllenhaal’s voice even though we’re Swifties til we die. See the trailer for #StrangeWorld

Let’s Talk Prime Video’s ‘Undone’ & That Wild Animation

The animation on season 2 of Prime Video’s ‘Undone’ is brought to life by the technical marvel known as rotoscoping.

Disney & Pixar’s ‘Turning Red’ To Debut On Disney+

We’re excited to be able to watch #TurningRed from the comfort of our own home. Disney has announced that the movie will premiere on Disney Plus

Fangirlish 2021 End of the Year Lists: Movies We’re Looking Forward To In 2022

As we look ahead to 2022, there are so many movies we can’t wait to watch. Here is just a sampling of the ones that have us most hyped!

Fangirlish 2021 End of Year List: Movies to Watch with the Family on Christmas

Choosing a movie that the whole family can enjoy on Christmas can be hard, but with our list, we think everyone can find something to love.