Here’s Why Stephen Colbert is Our Dream Moderator for ‘Rings of Power’ Hall H Panel

Before we get to watch Prime Video’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power in September, the series is getting a Hall H panel at SDCC.

The ‘A League of Their Own’ Teaser Trailer Looks Amazing

I’ll be honest: I’m not a huge baseball fan. So when I first heard that there would be a new A League of Their Own series, it was pretty much regulated immediately to my mental back-burner. However, I became intrigued…

The Wilds Interviews: Jenna Clause, Sophia Ali & Shannon Berry

We talked to The Wilds stars Jenna Clause, Sophia Ali and Shannon Berry about their characters and that pesky deserted island.

The Wilds Interviews: Sarah Pidgeon & Reign Edwards

We have a lot of feelings about the women of The Wilds, and particularly about these two, Leah and Rachel. They were definitely two of the characters we had more mixed emotions about during the first season, and we’re kind…

‘With Love’ Returning For Season 2 On Amazon Prime

#WithLove is returning for season 2 and we could not be happier.

‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ Teaser Trailer is Glorious

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power teaser trailer is finally here! During Sundays Super Bowl between the Bengals and Rams. And to no one’s surprise, it’s a thing of beauty that sets the stage for an epic…

‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ Character Details Revealed

We’re one step closer to ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ with new details to who these hands belong to.

Amazon’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ Series Finally Has a Title & It’s Beautiful

Amazon has dropped the series title for its Lord of the Rings series in an epic video you have to watch and take in!

‘The Wheel of Time’ Finale: 10 Things We Can’t Stop Thinking About

There are neither beginnings nor endings to ‘The Wheel of Time,’ but this was *an* ending… and a beginning. Season finale time!

4 Reasons to Watch Amazon Prime’s ‘With Love’

Amazon Prime’s With Love is the perfect family focused rom-com to watch this holiday season. Here is why you should give it chance!

‘The Wheel of Time’ 1×07 Review: “The Dark Along the Ways”

The Wheel of Time 1×07 “The Dark Along the Ways” saw every simmering frustration come to a head and cranked the stakes to new heights.

‘The Wheel of Time’ 1×06 Review: “The Flame of Tar Valon”

The Wheel of Time went hard in “The Flame of Tar Valon“ and left us with a whole new world of politics and intrigue.

Exclusive Interview With ‘Harlem’s’ Tyler Lepley

In the new Amazon Prime series Harlem, the women are the stars. That doesn’t mean the men’s stories are any less valid. One of the men at the heart of this series is Camille’s ex-boyfriend Ian played by Tyler Lepley.…

Exclusive Interview With ‘Harlem’ Stars Meagan Good and Jerrie Johnson

There’s nothing like having a set of really great girlfriends in your life. Friends lift you up when you’re down. Harlem is a show about that.

‘The Wheel of Time’ 1×05 Review: “Blood Calls Blood”

There’s a false Dragon in the city, and perhaps the true one, too. All travelers converge in Tar Valon in “Blood Calls Blood.”

6 Reasons To Watch Amazon Prime’s ‘Harlem’

Harlem, the new series written and created by Tracy Oliver (Girls Trip) is out now and we think this show is definitely one to watch.

‘With Love’ Releases Official Trailer

The trailer for the holiday anthology series With Love is out, and we’re super excited to experience everything that’s coming our way.

‘The Wheel of Time’ Double Review 1×03 and 1×04: “A Place of Safety” & “The Dragon Reborn”

The Wheel of Time TV series hardly concerns itself with the number one fantasy rule: never split the party. We now follow 3 stray groups.

‘The Wheel of Time’ 1×02 Review: “Shadow’s Waiting”

An abandoned city void of sound or life doesn’t seem like the best place to hide, but The Wheel of Time’s epic travel party has no choice.

‘The Wheel of Time’ 1×01 Review: “Leavetaking”

Avid watchers of genre shows know you always have to commit to 4 episodes. It didn’t take that many for The Wheel of Time.

‘The Wheel of Time’ Preview: For the Love of God, Stop Comparing it to ‘Game of Thrones’

I’m infuriated. INFURIATED. Reading the previews for The Wheel of Time series premiering on Amazon this week has me left me seeing red. I gained access to screeners a little late due to a wild tale involving multi-factor authentication mishaps…