It’s hard to believe that it’s already almost July, which means that it’s almost time for the biggest pop culture phenomenon: Comic-Con International. As networks and studios continue to announce their presence at the annual con, Warner Bros. Television has not only unveiled which shows will be in attendance, butRead More →


The CW is the last television network to release its Fall 2018 schedule, which features some big changes, including an extra night on the line-up. The network is expanding into Sundays, which gives The CW programming from Sunday through Friday. Supergirl will lead-off the new CW Sunday night at 8pmRead More →

The Book of Revelations did a good job of revealing quite a bit, but still left us with some secrets to unravel.  While I enjoyed most aspects of this week’s episode, I have to admit that I was a bit underwhelmed with some of the dialogue choices around race. I amRead More →

Most of the DCTV shows – all but Black Lightning to date – work off the same formula. Part of that formula involves the use of a team to support the hero, provide exposition and explanation, and justify the addition of other characters to the cast over time. But teamsRead More →

The annual DCTV crossover may be met with mixed reactions in fandom, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about ones I would love to see. Some crossovers I would particularly love to see will never happen due to differing networks, show runners, and intellectual properties, but that doesn’t stopRead More →

So, this week, Black Lightning continued to coast on it’s successful run. We got more background on Tobias, the emergence of Thunder and ThunderGrace, and the night wouldn’t have been official without some Jeff/Lynn angst. The Stuff Villains are Made Of So, it’s no secret that I haven’t been feelingRead More →

Last week’s episode of Black Lightning had the winning formula for a great episode. It had the heart, humor, and heroics that make comic book stories utterly satisfying entertainment. Lawanda: The Book of Burial followed that same formula, and how it came out even better I do not know. ThisRead More →

Countless articles have been written about how Black Lightning has changed the game for DCTV. Starring largely (if not solely) an African-American cast, grounded in the real-world challenges that people of color face today, and with a LGBTQ+ relationship front and center, it certainly isn’t the typical superhero show. NotRead More →

Well, damn! That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I rethink episode two of Black Lightning. Lawanda: The Book of Hope hit on all cylinders and was a perfect indication of the potential this series has in my humble opinion. There were many strong moments, but here areRead More →

Black Lightning is unlike anything we’ve ever seen on The CW. In the best possible way. Welcome to our new obsession that’s perhaps the most refreshing thing we’ve ever witnessed on the network. This is the perfect example of blending brutal realism with heart and family and tying it withRead More →

The CW’s newest superhero series charged out of the gate and kept its foot on the gas with episode one, titled “The Resurrection.” It was hard to contain my excitement as I waited for Jefferson Pierce, the clean cut and principled principal to say to hell with it and becomeRead More →

It’s already been widely reported that Black Lightning will exist separately from the Arrowverse and there are currently no plans for the new series to crossover with any of the veteran CW shows. Having just finished a crossover (and a controversial one at that), the idea of another is probablyRead More →

The excitement of meeting the CW’s newest superhero Black Lightning just reached another level. On January 16th, we will meet the titular hero and his family, and while it has been revealed that Jefferson Pierce’s daughters have metahuman abilities as he does, it has now been confirmed that we willRead More →