Before I begin, let me apologize to everyone who takes the time to read my Black Lightning reviews. Life really caught up with a sister recently; I never quite got my footing and didn’t get a review up for episode 9, The Book of Little Black Lies. You know thatRead More →


So, this week, Black Lightning continued to coast on it’s successful run. We got more background on Tobias, the emergence of Thunder and ThunderGrace, and the night wouldn’t have been official without some Jeff/Lynn angst. The Stuff Villains are Made Of So, it’s no secret that I haven’t been feelingRead More →

For 60 years, iconic comic book lovers Barry Allen and Iris West have always managed to find each other no matter what part of the multiverse they reside in at any moment in time. Connected through lightning, love, the power of the speed force or some combination of all three,Read More →